Season 2 Episode 10

The Hour of Death

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on NBC

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  • A good one.

    Before you downvote me: I don't write what the episode is about, that's what you watch it/overview is for. I write how I felt, things I liked or didn't like etc, things I want to rant about and that others may relate to also.

    For me, no offense to Juliette at the start, I get you have no idea who this man is, so it already must be weird having him in 'your house'. But why do you get the bed? Like it is his house too, he has lived there for years.. but he is the one sleeping on an uncomfortable couch and you look kind of annoyed that he's upset? Like why not have a weekly rotation.. take turns with the bed.. Just my observation. Do feel for Nick, crappy situation he's in and I know that it happens in real life that people wake up with no memory of loved ones.

    Hank has gotten a bit annoying since he saw the trailer and the history of Grimms. He automatically seems to assume the worst of Nick. And I mean here, he got over it quick enough, thankfully. Which is the good side of him. But he seems to assume Nick just wants to kill all Wesen sometimes. And I like that Nick isn't like that and how hard it is for him to convince people of that.

    I thought it was a bit poorly written at the start. Nick sees the photos burning, and he's a trained detective but Hank thinks he was imagining her face and Nick just saying "don't lie to me" is what EVERY cop, not just Grimm's say to people.. yet Hank gives him this disapproving look. Not very realistic in the GrimmVerse for me.

    Was that 911 dispatcher that took the call from the tortured dude stupid? I get they have to remain calm and follow lines but "I kidnapped a girl" screams "donna" "do you have information" like what the hell? The moment he said he kidnapped her should've tipped you off not to talk stupidly... But I suppose she has a job to do.

    I like to believe that they deal with lots of just human cases in between the wesen cases. But seriously, people would complain if they had an episode without Wesen.. He's a cop, he'd deal with them off camera.

    Yay to seeing Bud again, he's a bit of a cute one. I liked how him and Monroe both reacted quickly to seeing the symbol.

    I actually thought it was kind of a good story, the idea of a Wesen trying to frame a Grimm. I mean why not.

    What I love most about this show, is how realistic of a cop show it is! Like Nick pretty much tells his captain and Hank EVERYTHING he finds, except Wesen stuff. But he doesn't try and cover things, or lose things (almost mostly), but he tells everyone everything practically. He takes his partner with him most places opposed to going alone, and always being in trouble and trying to keep unnecessary secrets. A lot of shows make people tell pointless lies where the truth would've done nothing for their 'secret' just for drama. Not here. I like that.

    I like Nick not just killing every Wesen (obviously not much of a show) but I agree that it's wrong to just kill for the sake of killing the Wesen.. I like that he only cares about crimes being committed.

    It's kind of suspenseful with Bud because this show is willing to kill people off (as we know in the later seasons) very easily, but he's also minor enough that he wouldn't matter if he did die.. But I'm glad he didn't. And I was loving his arguing with Ryan about what a Grimm is and how Ryan has his own opinion of a 'real Grimm'. "You're crazy not that I mean to criticise" I love the chatterbox. I actually felt a bit for Ryan, how he hates himself and he was a weird looking Wesen. Makes me think of mentally ill people, trying to be something they're not. He truly hated himself and looked up to being a Grimm.

    Loved the hug from Bud!

    Called the bad guy before it was revealed, but I was a bit surprised at the same time. I liked him and did hope it wouldn't be.
  • Solid and entertaining, but...

    Though this one served the series arch to some degree, and presented a little character relationship development, the premise turned out to be an utterly undeveloped excuse for the whole episodes main plot. The ending was disappointing. I hope this is a fluke episode, and I'll assume so, as the series itself is in my top three right now... and I prefer it stay there. Let's clean up the writing just a little and not be so lazy.

    Evo2Me is dead on the mark about everything as well.
  • Why sunglasses are the new glass slippers

    Once Upon a time, a serial killer that targets wesen framed the local Grimm for his own killings. Out of fear his Grimm had lost it, the Prince reached out his live-in girlfriend to see how he'd help them out. Problem is: that's not something a Prince oughta do when attracted to the Grimm's girlfriend himself. Fortunately for Bud, the Grimm wasn't alone in this for a Griffin, as brave as an eagle and with the heart of a lion, saved both wesen and Grimm from the copy cat killer.

    Bearing sunglasses as if modern day glass slippers, the Prince offers his apology. He can't help himself around the Grimm's girlfriend, nor she can help but to kiss him back, once she figures out it was his kiss what woke her up.
  • Great Episode.... But

    Ok so this is only a small but, but I hate the whole Juliette and Renard thing. He is creepy and she bores me to tears. Even when she has big emotional scenes or whatever I still feel nothing for her character. I love Nick, like so much, he is so kick-ass!!! His fighting style is so improvised and I love all the grappler moves and the kicks!!! God its hot!!! Miss Rosalie and Monroe they are so cute together. And I dont really have strong opinions of Hank either way. Another thing, is Nicks mum gonna show up again, because she didnt end up getting on a bus at the bus station, but she hasnt shown up. What has she been doing? Is she following NIck? Is she investigating the Prince in town? Or did she simply not like the bus and stole a car to get to the train station? I have no idea. P.S. when i first saw her I thought she was wesen beacsue her face looks light a hawk or some kind of bird. Dont scoff at me just look at her sharp nose and beady eyes it creeps me out.

    But yeah I like the whole mash of cop case mixed with personal wesen/grimm related crime/threat directed at Nick, I find the actor to be charming, funny and a perfectly formed multi-layered character.
  • Great Episode But...

    Don't get me wrong I was riveted when I heard there was to be an evil Grimm and for the most part the episode delivered My problem is with the ending. I like the twist there but they could have drag out the plot a little. The way he was caught was too anticlimactic after all the talk of the Endezeichen. They could have done a few more episodes of this while Romeo and Juliette was happening behind Nicks back.

    I knew the intern(Wendell from Bones) was going to do something but and I even told my brother that as we watch But I didn't put it together that he was the Endezeichen. Even Renard was worried.
  • juliette finds her romeo

    Great episode, overall... a note on the sub-plot between Juliette & Renard: finally Juliette has something to DO! Thank goodness - she's been comatose; the clueless girlfriend; the victim of various attacks...finally she is getting some action! Even though she is 'under a spell' it's great to see the tension build between her & creepy Renard. I know most fans want her to regain her memory & stay with Nick (or die), but this is an interesting twist & I hope they let it play out ... The writers wimped out a little, though - could you imagine the OMG-factor if, instead of ending the episode with Juliette shutting the door & crumpling to the floor, they had cut it mid-way through the second kiss?
  • 2x10 - The Hour of Death (and an Hour of Entertainment)

    This was one awesome episode! I was so sucked into it. And while I figured out who the killer was right away I still was taken aback by the reveal that the wasn't a real Grim but a wesen! My only nit-pick was that I was thoroughly bored with the Juliette scenes. Not even Renard managed to salvage them. But other than my own exasperation with that plot-line (otherwise this would have been a 10) I really enjoyed this episode!

    I liked how Griffin automatically assumes that anyone whom Nick beats on is a wesen, how he quotes Nick over how a wesen isn't automatically guilty for being a wesen, and how he follows Nick to make sure he stays on the side of good (which is a great role for him, I think Nick's a great guy but it's good that he has more people looking out for him).

    I thought the actress who played the kidnapped victim did a freaking amazing job for her scene. I honestly felt sympathy for her, and her traumatized feelings came through strongly. I was also honestly worried for Bud because he's a minor enough character that he can be killed off but also he's been around long enough that I can't help but like him and find him adorable. When he hugged Griffin and Nick? I cheered.

    The cool thing about this episode, at least in my opinion, is that it showed how important and how much of an impact a Grim can have on the Wesen community and how much Nick has become a part of that community with the wesen who know and trust him.
  • The Hour of Death

    The Hour of Death was a perfect and extremely thrilling episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because there was a ton of action, suspense in the best way, and lots of drama as Renard tried to maneuver Juliette with a meeting for coffee. There was a lot of Wesen action and Grimm drama going on and my favorite Wesen were both in the episode and a minor story line is seemingly wrapped up while a major one takes a drastic turn into reality. I liked how every thing played out, the writing, acting and editing. The ending was amazing and is definitely a gamble for the way future episodes will play out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Sloppy

    Write a quick review to share your thoughts...A bit unfortunate this episode as it was hindered by rather sloppy writing. When Nick and Hank knocked at the first suspects door I hoped this time the criminal-of-the-week would not be another Wesen, and they would later need the Wesen community to help them out. Regrettably this was quelled within 2 minutes.

    Admittedly a lot more problematic is they way Renard was not involved in the main plot, everything he hears and sees about that new menace left him totally cold? Really? He got in panic or on the phone for much less earlier in the show.

    As for the main plot of the week, well, it wasn't bad, to the contrary, and while it fits right into the undercurrent about the tragedies within the Wesen community, partially brought through Nick's actions against perpetrators, it was sloppily developed. Neither the background story nor the character was fleshed out - he was just ... there and gone.
  • Portland Murderers

    Are ALL killers in Portland Wesen? Or is it just the cases that Nick & Hank investigate?