Season 2 Episode 2

The Kiss

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 20, 2012 on NBC

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  • Great second half to a two parter

    As I have said before, Grimm almost immediately became a favorite when I first started watching about 6 weeks ago. And I have about caught up with season 2 with cable's capability to view earlier episodes. So after being left on the edge with Bad Teeth I watched the second half last night. It was great and threw lots more logs on the fire for future episodes. It also filled in a lot of back story as well as being a gritty detective story that in many places was also quite realistic. That is one of the best parts of Grimm blending fantasy and reality so well. Nick's mother's part helped explain many things and also showed her love for Nick and also her ruthless job as a Grimm. Hank and Nick's job relationship developed more. Nick's mothers reaction to Monroe and Rosalee was fun and while serious it was all humorous. The fight with the Mauvais Dentes was action packed and kept the plot moving along. And of course Sean's kiss will definitely come into play in the story line as it develops. There was so much more and all this fitting together so well really made for a great episode.
  • The mother of all...

    ...kisses. Truth be told, I only saw this episode because two True Blood's actors were supposed to be in it. Knowing nothing about the grimm or his mother, I was introduced to a fascinating world in which I got to see what it would've been like if Buffy would have become the - very protective - mother of a male son.

    A flawless myth arc led me to the story of 7 Royal Houses and the bastard Prince who made a police precint his own realm, the unaware grimm who reenacted an ancient covenant as his subordinate and a case as interesting in the human front as well as the supernatural one. A case in which Sleeping Beauty is truly awaken, by the most unexpected Prince, only so that she could be with another man.
  • Just ANOTHER great episode

    I knew nothing of Grimm stuff and have never read the books.

    This show is now officially my favourite TV show ever and S02E02 "The Kiss" was another great episode.
  • The Kiss

    The Kiss was a perfect episode of Grimm and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of significant character and plot development as Nick and his Mother get tangled up in a homicide case they were apart of, Monroe and Rosalee try to help Juliette, and Renard reveals more about himself. I liked how every thing interconnected and fit together within the story which was very well written. I liked seeing Monroe, Rosalee and Nick's mother in the car together. It was great to see more about Renard and his brother who lives in a huge castle somewhere in Europe. I like the depth of detail in the show and believe this series could do as well as Buffy and Angel if they continue. I really like the second season's title sequence as well, it reminds me of Buffy and Angel's. I liked the ending as it was pretty awesome!!!!!!!!!
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