Season 2 Episode 8

The Other Side

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2012 on NBC

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  • The monster was not the most frightening part of this episode.

    Grimm has been scaring audiences with monsters, suspense and surprise attack moments. This episode gave us a new and tangible fear when Captain Renard starts to give in to his magically-induced obsession for Juliette. Bitsie Tullock impressed me with her handling of Juliette's feelings; she reacted the way a girlfriend who values fidelity would react when she has a crush on her boyfriend's boss. She looked guilty and uncomfortable, especially when she drank Hank's drink after agreeing to let Renard drive her home.

    Renard's battle seems more like a struggle for control than a wish to keep anyone from being hurt. This seems more evident when he enters her house as she undresses upstairs. Roiz managed to be frightening on a level that connects with people who feel safe in their homes when he walks in without her knowing. We see him try and leave until he hears the shower; we see him slip silently up the stairs and into the bedroom. Juliette appears especially tiny and vulnerable when his very large frame is visible through the shower door. He comes to his senses and leaves but we are left with the memory of his expression. He was hungry for Juliette, not looking to recite poetry. His feelings for her run to the predatory and possessive, not romantic at all. Well-played.

  • Its a 50/50 shot

    ...with every hybrid, sometimes it turns out as right as Renard yet, sometimes, as badly as Pierce turned out. No wonder why the royals despise their bastard brother, the Captain is still part hexenbiest, potentially as ruined as the half Lowen-half Genio was.

    And potentially ruined he is, for Captain Renard can't break eye contact with Juliette, nor the sexual tesion in the car, still palpable between them as she goes upstairs and he follows her around. Unable to control himself, he spots a picture of her and Nick and breaks it in disgust. Thing is, there is no way to cure him, Munroe can only do so if Renard brings Juliette with him, something he can't do as long as he believes he's the only one who suffers, for there's a 50/50 shot with every hybrid and, for the time being, the Prince is, like the kid, doomed.
  • 2z08 - the other side

    I really enjoyed this episode. Mostly because we end up with more backstory about Capt. Renard which i'm particularly happy about because of the whole 'Royal' thing. Seeing Adalind join forces with his brother also made me rub my hands in anticipation of where that would go next.

    Seeing the kid with the double wesen natures did make me wonder about hybrids. When two different wesen produce a kid how does that work? I'm really hoping that this will be addressed in the future especially since we know that wesen don't normally approve of mixed couples and Capt. Renard is half-hexenbiest.

    Seeing Hank get judgey at Nick for his ancestors and then for him beating up what to him looked like a kid was a great way to show how utterly violent and out of left field Grimms can appear to regular humans.

    Monroe was hilarious, and him questioning Capt. Renard about his condition had me in stitches.
  • The Other Side

    The Other Side was a perfect and entertaining episode of Grimm. I enjoyed watching because there was more character and plot development especially for Renard and Juliette, though it's never enough. I liked the Wesen story line and it was intriguing to see where Adalind actually was. There was action, drama, intrigue, and genetic manipulation. Monroe had an interesting visitor at the shop. I liked the ending and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!