Season 3 Episode 16

The Show Must Go On

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2014 on NBC

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    This is another soild episode of the show, this is an episode that's about both Roselee and Monroe, I always like it whenever there are episodes that focus on other character, it's a good break from the certral charcters and gives others a chance to be in the spotlight.

    I like the fact that their using a Carnival as the backdrop this time, I always like it whenever it's used in the horror and fantasy genre it just fits so well. The performers are soild characters that you really feel sympathetic toward mainly Max and his significant other (forgot the name sorry, I can't get over the fact that actress looks so much like Alison Spanelii from the TV show Warehouse 13). There all not exactly performers but really slaves, each of them are volging against their will, Max is the one that has is the worst and you can tell it's taking it's toll on him.

    The villain Headick you really don't like, this guy is really just a slave driver, doesn't care about any of the performers he just sees them as tools to get him fame and fortune fast. In a way it's sort of a commentary on the corrupt underbelly side of showbusiness. In fact what he's doing isn't even showbusiness it's slavery which isn't right and just all the more reason you want the Grimm squad to win.

    I really like seeing how both Roselee and Monroe are trying to defuse the problem themselves. On a sidenote Roselee does look sexy in that performer outfit, I don't know why may'be it's the colors or just how she wears it. And we even see a tense situation as Max loses control and is about to hurt everyone and is zeroing in on Roselee and Monroe of course backs her up by subduing him which was a decent scuffle.

    Really liked that Funhouse scene in the end, the set pieces were great, it's sort of remonicent of the 80's horror film The Funhouse. Like in that film there was a use of darkness and color making the place seem menicing and disorienting. What happens to Hedick in the end is sort of . comics fashion as we see poetic justice delivered when the performers finally stand up to them after he goes to far on Max and them.

    The ending was good I like that both Monroe and Roselee established a sense of community with the performers. And nothing more to say except enjoy the show.
  • Rosalee goes undercover

    Rosalee goes undercover at a vessen carnival to help find a double murderer. Nick has nightmares after being asked to be Monroes best man. Guest starring Sam Witwer from Being Human
  • grimm

  • Review.

    Quite an interesting episode, i actually thought Max had killed those two young women, but it was Hedig and where ever the carnival was, dead bodies were showing up. Well the other wesen's took care of that problem in the end. In the Swiss Alps, Adalind and Meisner escape with some help from Sebastien, but unfortunately Sebastien does not make it with Prince Viktor shooting him. As for Adalind getting out of the country and who is going to help her, should prove quite interesting as i have seen the preview. Looking forward to Monroe and Rosalee' wedding.
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