Season 1 Episode 16

The Thing With Feathers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2012 on NBC
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    Grimm: Golden Egg on Nick's Face

    The Thing With Feathers" dealt primarily with three couples: good ol' Nick and Juliette, the chemically induced pairing of Hank and Adalind the Hexenbeast, and case-of-the-week duo Robin and Tim. Naturally, one of the new kids was an unsettling creature…

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    Nick tries to take Juliette on a romantic weekend but soon becomes embroiled in a case involving a neighbor couple. Meanwhile, Eddie and Hank both find themselves romantically involved with new women.

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    • The Thing with Feathers

      The Thing with Feathers was a perfect episode of Grimm because the story was awesome and this was the first time that the series felt like it was truly coming together. Juliet, Griffin, and Monroe all make perfect supporting characters and if they are developed the same way as the supporting characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were then we are definitely in for a treat. There was a lot of character and plot development in this episode and it was interesting to watch Juliet get in on the action. Monroe and Rosalee are a great pair and remind me of the Willow/Oz dynamic in BTVS, and Adalind reminds me of Anya while Griffin is a Zander. This episode shows just how much potential the series has. I was excited, surprised, in awe, and loved this episode. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
    Azura Skye

    Azura Skye

    Robin Steinkellner

    Guest Star

    Josh Randall

    Josh Randall

    Timothy Steinkellner

    Guest Star

    Eric Riedmann

    Eric Riedmann

    Gary Cardero

    Guest Star

    Bree Turner

    Bree Turner

    Rosalee Calvert

    Recurring Role

    Claire Coffee

    Claire Coffee

    Adalind Schade

    Recurring Role

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      • Eddie: I have a bikram class at 6 a.m. and hot yoga on too-little sleep is how groin-pulls happen.

      • Eddie: Klaustreich, total jerks. Women love them, but it never ends well. Isn't that always the way?
        Nick: I don't know.

      • Eddie: Molly, my girlfriend from high school, left me for a klaustreich, so I might be a wee bit riled up about them. He told her he loved her. He got her pregnant. She ended up delivering his litter at prom. Her parents were not thrilled.

      • Rosalee: Look, I really appreciate you helping me out with all this.
        Eddie: Well, you'll never know when I might need a discount on... tincture of prickle poppy?
        Rosalee: Yeah, that's for, um, romantic stamina.
        Eddie: Oh. Well... no wonder I didn't know what it was.

      • Eddie: Hey, Nick, I thought a vacation for you kind of meant, you know, vacation for me, too.
        Nick: Look, I'm sorry. You know, this wasn't part of my weekend plans. Hey, how was hot yoga? You pull a groin or anything?
        Eddie: My groin is fine, thank you.

      • Juliette: I can't believe you remember what we had on our first date.
        Nick: How can I forget that? That's the most expensive date I ever had in my life.
        Juliette: Not if you add in what happened after that.
        Nick: Ooh. Yeah, or after that.

      • Timothy: Are you insane?
        Nick: Well, I'm in the woods, I just cut a golden egg out of a girl's neck, you tell me.

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      • Wu: Curl up on the couch with my cat Samson, watch The Apprentice marathon, and have a bite to eat.

        Referencing the NBC reality series hosted by Donald Trump, based on a UK series with a similar concept. Through a series of tasks, each contestant competes to see which one will become Trump's apprentice at the end of the season.