Season 3 Episode 1

The Ungrateful Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2013 on NBC

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  • Maniac Cop

    This was a great follow up and a great start to season true it's not perfect there was a slow spot in a place or two which did deter the momentum of the episode a little but like I said a little, other then that everything else is fine.

    There really isn't a whole lot to say, this episode was more of an actioneer and that was cool. I really liked some of the action in the shipping yard as Monroe, Roselee, Renard, and Juliet were running away from the zombies, in a way it's almost a live action version of Pac Man. The fights were soild, from seeing the four dispatch any zombies climbing uptop, liked seeing both Juletee and Roselee contribute just showing both aren't damsels in distress but are capable of holding their own against danger.

    Though two of the fights I really like are one with Renard and a few of the royals henchmen. What I liked about it was that it took place in a confined space and I like how he uses the enviorment which is cool. Another that was really good was inside the jet plane which was also a confined space battle, it was interesting seeing Nick go zombie, kinda like in the 80's horror film "Maniac Cop". He was practically a bezerker just dispatching anyone that was in his way or pressed the wrong button with him. We then see the final battle with the blowfish vessen along with a few of the royals in that plane.

    It of coruse ends up crashing, the good news is that Nick survived and both the blowfish and the royals with him are dead. Bad news is that it's just the beginning of the troubles as we see him go to a bar and of course like in all bars there is a brawl, guess who wins. We also see the Grimm squad resolve the problem with the zombies as Roselee mixes a cure, so that was cool but of course they now have another problem to deal with and that's hunting for Nick and either curing or killing him.

    Till part 3.
  • Whats going on with Season 3????

    I love this show and was so happy when season 3 premiered but I was very disappointed as the first 3 episodes are so boring! yes I said boring, it just look so cheesy and Juliette is so annoying urggg. The director is good but the story line is getting lame, the writers really need to revamp the story or it won't be getting a season 4.
  • Nick looked a little too halloweeny.

    Good episode although in parts it did seem to drag, some scenes were longer then they should be to the point where your mind starts to drift. Nick looked a little too halloweeny.
  • Good but...

    I missed Nick being in his normal mode. It was great getting the show back again after the long summer break though. Of course the story picked up and it was exciting. It was nice seeing Hank back in form and fun with Monroe, Juliette, and Rosalee interacting and fighting the zombies. Now as for Nick, I'm certainly glad he did away with Mr. Blowfish, he totally deserved it. But it just wasn't as much fun not having him in normal form. This wild man form worked for the episode but I hope he gets back to normal next time. Overall it did explain what is going on and the fact that Nick did not end up in Europe. When the plane took off I was wondering how that was going to play out. Finally Adalind's recovery from her malady was definitely graphic but fits in well with the show for sure.
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