Season 2 Episode 21

The Waking Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 2013 on NBC
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    Grimm "The Waking Dead" Review: Dead On Arrival

    The real meat of the season may have taken awhile to prepare and it may not have always been the most consistently thrilling meal, but with many of the season-long stories finally converging, Grimm has the opportunity to end the…

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    While Juliette tries to convince Monroe to tell her the truth about the Wesen, Nick and Hank investigate a series of murders of people who have already died. Meanwhile, Stefania and Frau Pech go to war with each other over the fate of Adalind's unborn child.

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    • The Waking Dead

      The Waking Dead was a perfect episode of Grimm because many story lines came together and the larger picture I'd revealing itself. It was interesting to see the wesen which founded the basis for The Baron in Voodoo culture. Adalind is finding out that navigating the path she has chosen is far from easy. I'm glad Juliette finally learns the truth about wesen and its about time! Renard learns some intriguing info about his brother who secretly travels to Portland and meets with The Baron bringing everything together. There were many other great aspects to the episode and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

    • Baron!

      I think the Baron actor Reg Cathey is my favorite guest actor so far. Tho I also Like James Frain, doesn't he have fabulous ears?? I hope his Wesen form uses them. Silly, I know. I find Juliette's dogging of Monroe and

      Rosalee disturbing. I had hoped if Juliette wasn't going to be a casualty of Nick being a Grimm and fighting the good fight that she would have something to add. I really wish she'd be a more fully rounded character more like Rosalee is. She at least is well developed. Juliette sadly is becoming irritating. I agree with another reviewer who said the brother vs brother conflict seems to be the most interesting facet of the season. Please, writers, give Juliette something more to do than blink her big eyes at us!moreless
    • Zombies everywhere!

      Well I'm fairly certain that zombies were never in any of the Grimm fairy tales but it still made for a very good episode which isn't finished yet. While the zombie king was the primary fuschbau story of the week half the episode was to continue Juliette's story of finding out what is up with Nick. This week's continuation of that was great with Juliette's prodding of Nick's friends to tell her, and show her, what is going on. That part was excellent and her reaction realistic as she already knew whatever it was it was going to be enlightening. And of course there will be more of this story to come. Then the fuschbau of the week is the fuschbau zombie king who is apparently creating a zombie army for Eric who has arrived in Portland for unknown intentions. Finally the pregnant Adalinde with the royal baby in her womb story continues as well. Of course next week is the season finale and hopefully some resolutions to these story lines will happen to finish up the season. It's almost certain they all won't be resolved so they can grab the audience again this fall when Grimm returns.moreless
    Reg E. Cathey

    Reg E. Cathey

    The Baron

    Guest Star

    Jenny McShane

    Jenny McShane

    Lilly O'Hara

    Guest Star

    Timothy Whitcomb

    Timothy Whitcomb

    Al the Tow Truck Driver

    Guest Star

    Shohreh Aghdashloo

    Shohreh Aghdashloo

    Stefania Vaduva Popescu

    Recurring Role

    James Frain

    James Frain

    Eric Renard

    Recurring Role

    Danny Bruno

    Danny Bruno


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      • Nick: So we got a guy who tears apart a house, he breaks everything he can get his hands on, attacks you when he gets in here, and the woman doesn't have a mark on her. Anybody have a comment?
        Wu: Oh, yeah. We thought it was a little weird, too.

      • Juliette: What are you?
        Bud: Me? I'm a--I'm a--uh, uh brain freeze.
        Rosalee: Eisbiber.
        Bud: That's me.

      • Hank: All right, put an APB out on Lilly O'Hara.
        Wu: Isn't she in the hospital?
        Nick: Not anymore.
        Wu: This is getting too weird. Even for Portland.

      • Nick: You sure she's all right?
        Rosalee: She came back because she wanted to. I think she was about as ready as a person could be.
        Monroe: She took it better than Hank did when I woged for him the first time.
        Hank: Let me just say I didn't take it well the first, second, or third time.
        Bud: The first time is always rough. I remember the first time that my dad got really angry at me. I was just this little Eisbieber and... nobody's interested.

      • Eric: How did they come up with the name, do you suppose? They have a port. They have land. Really put a lot of thought into that one.

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