Season 2 Episode 21

The Waking Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 2013 on NBC



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    • Nick: So we got a guy who tears apart a house, he breaks everything he can get his hands on, attacks you when he gets in here, and the woman doesn't have a mark on her. Anybody have a comment?
      Wu: Oh, yeah. We thought it was a little weird, too.

    • Juliette: What are you?
      Bud: Me? I'm a--I'm a--uh, uh brain freeze.
      Rosalee: Eisbiber.
      Bud: That's me.

    • Hank: All right, put an APB out on Lilly O'Hara.
      Wu: Isn't she in the hospital?
      Nick: Not anymore.
      Wu: This is getting too weird. Even for Portland.

    • Nick: You sure she's all right?
      Rosalee: She came back because she wanted to. I think she was about as ready as a person could be.
      Monroe: She took it better than Hank did when I woged for him the first time.
      Hank: Let me just say I didn't take it well the first, second, or third time.
      Bud: The first time is always rough. I remember the first time that my dad got really angry at me. I was just this little Eisbieber and... nobody's interested.

    • Eric: How did they come up with the name, do you suppose? They have a port. They have land. Really put a lot of thought into that one.

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