Season 2 Episode 11

To Protect and Serve Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2012 on NBC

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  • The Boy Who Cried Wesen...

    Once Upon a Time, a man the Griffin put away for murder claimed that monsters were real, that they came to eat him so he was forced to kill them in self defense. Unfortunatelly, 7 years ago the Griffin didn't know monsters were real, that they did come to kill people and he now second-guessed himself thinking he may have sent an innocent man to death row.

    Assaulted by self doubts of his own, what once was a confident Captain and capable Prince drank himself to sleep and sneaked behind his detectives's back to call Juliette. Convinced this couldn't go on, their third date is at the local spice shop, determined to put an end to it as switly as Hank Griffin put an end to the innocent man's execution.
  • To Protect and Serve Man

    To Protect and Serve Man was an amazing and perfectly entertaining episode of Grimm. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development intertwined with an intriguing story about an interesting Wesen. I liked how the story lines played out and this is exactly the type of episode a true fan would hope to see by this time so the writers are definitely on track. It was also great to see Renard and Juliette try to solve their problem, but in the end it seems a new can of worms may have been opened. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Another good one.

    I liked the downward spiral of both Juliette and Sean, I thought both have acted well over this season and how it's progressed, in both of them. I think this spell is very sick, go Adalind.

    I like this case and it shows how previous cases must all of a sudden make sense to Hank. And the DA was a bit of a beatch. "they killed this guy" "ok case closed" um there's such thing as murder 1, manslaughter, self defense, insanity, provocation pleas, that all make a difference. Annoying lady. Go Hank and Nick for going against wannnabe Mayors.

    Another thing I like is that this is the first show that actually acknowledges "looking like you get a confession out of someone". You aren't allowed to be all aggressive and crazy in interrogation to the point a person yells and cries their confession, that would NOT be admissible. So I liked Hank telling Nick he couldn't persuade him to confess.

    The foot in the pot, and putting some sauce in.. pretty cool.

    I like Juliette asking the questions about her memory, knowing it doesn't make sense that she can remember scenes that Nick should've been in, remembering the people.. but just not Him, and only him. And I liked her acting, how confused and upset and tormented she must feel. No need to be rude to the guy who's probably going through hell though too.

    I liked Hank trying to get the wendigo to Woge opposed to Nick being the one to do it. I like that they're doing this well though, prove that he's a wendigo while looking for proof, not just being rushed and crazy about it.

    I liked Monroe trying to talk to Sean about the issue and not realising that it's about his best friends girlfriend.

    Nick falling into the hole was disgustingly comical ha.

    Considering what the time is, I'm surprised they didn't try and call the DA the moment they saw the bodies, they kind of wasted time in what is an extreme situation. I don't know the situation exactly, but it does highly surprise me that they hold their executions after everyone has left the offices.. so if there was a situation like this there'd be nobody to stop it? I would think someone should be manning phones at all hours on the days of executions just in case. Glad they got hold of her though.
  • 2x11 - To Protect and Serve Man

    I thought this was a decent episode, with Nick taking a backseat to Hank as they tried to save a man from death row. I'm always pleased when they bring in new Wesen and the use of the wendigo myth was a very nice touch. I liked this episode mostly for showing how much Hank knowing the truth about Wesen is a good thing, not just as a benefit to Nick but also because he's able to get a solid explanation for weird situations, even helping another man understand that he isn't nuts.

    That the episode ended with Monroe being left in a horrible place having seen Juliette kissing Renard was just hilarious to me. I can't wait to see where they go next. Hopefully they'll finally resolve the whole obsession thing going on.

    My only nitpick with the plot was that I kept thinking that when the market was built they should have found the bones, especially considering they weren't exactly buried deep. It bugged me. But other than that I enjoyed this episode.