Season 3 Episode 8

Twelve Days of Krampus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2013 on NBC
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While Renard is in Europe looking for Adalind, Nick and Hank deal with a serious of missing teenagers tied into an old Wesen legend of the Krampus. Meanwhile, Monroe asks Juliette for her help surprising Rosalee for their first Christmas together, but things don't go as he planned.


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  • Nick vs. Evil Saint Nick

    I've seen a lot of really strange Chistmas films and TV episodes, the horror films "Black Chirstmas", "Silent Night Deadly Night", "Woodland Critter Christmas" from "South Park" and well this is another edition on the list and it's one of my favorite episodes of the show.

    I really like that this episode is tackling one of the negative folklore legends of Christmas, with the german legend of the Krampus. In the original version it was a devil like demon that came with Santa to pick out naughty children and throwing them straight to Hell. This version was different but true to the same spirit of the folklore legend.

    I really like the design of the Krampus, probably one of my favorate Wesen's. He's very menacing as we see him get to work on blowhole teens that I hate to say it but let's face it kinda get what's coming to them. As we see him just beat the crap out of most of them with a stick real hard and stuff them in his bag all to be hung in baskets like Christmas ornaments so that their preserved for the Winter Solstace for him to feist on.

    I really like the action with Nick and Hank as their both trying to hunt down Krampus. One of my favorate moments I thought was blackly funny was when both Nick and Hank arrest a Wesen suspect in a Santa suit, Nick of course delivers a few punches so he would stop resisting arrest, but of course their activity makes the headline news. I really liked both Wu and Juliet's reaction to that news they saw which was dryly funny. If I were both of them after that news I'd probably want to carry plenty of Mace because theres probably going to be a very hostile public. I did like the fight between both Nick and the Krampus which was soild, I liked it when Nick disarms the guy and then beats him with his own stick, yeah lets see how he likes it. The only problem with the episode for me was the fight wasn't longer, I really wanted to see both of them scuffle more and do more in the fight, but oh well probably couldn't be helped due to time constraints.

    I really liked the drama subplot with both Monroe and Roselee which I thought was touching. I really liked seeing how Monroe decorated his house, I'll admit that guy really knows how to decorate. His house really does reflect how big his Chirstmas spirit is, with the trains, lights and everything. But of course Roselee isn't quite merry as we hear about how Christmas really dampens her spirit due to a tragedy in her family during the holiday. Which I'll admit is sad and things like that do happen. Monroe then takes down his decorations so Roselee doesn't feel bad but of course this make Roselee feel worse because she know by doing that it's given Monroe the blues. She then of course she then gets some good advice from Juliet about finding a new tradition. Yes, tragedy does happen no matter what time but that doesn't mean traditions should end, their ment to continue on,

    The ending it really does give me a good feeling inside as we see Roselee she puts back all of Monroe's Christmas decorations and even puts in a piece of her tradition, leaving out a cigar and beer for Santa. I thought it was a nice touch because it ment that Roselee has finally started up a new tradition and both Monroe and her have their Christmas.

    So to all kids think twice about being naughty because next Christmas could be your last and Happy Holidays everyone.moreless
  • Awesome Christmas episode!

    Santa's evil twin kidnaps naughty teenagers, thrashes them, puts them in his sack and hangs them in a big bauble at the top of the tallest tree on the tallest hill, then on the winter solstice he plans to eat them. Awesome Christmas episode!
  • Ho, ho, ho

    Well this was most definitely a seasonal episode, kind of like Bad Santa only worse. The mythology behind the Krampus was somewhat accurate and he is not a Wessen. But he is bad, especially if you are a naughty little boy or girl. But in the end Nick and gang figure this creature out and take care of him although leaving his ultimate fate up to the Wessen council. On the side we had an interesting story involving Rosalee, Monroe, and Christmas which turned out nicely. And there is also the continuing story of Adalind and Renard which is part of the big story arc and interesting in its' own right. Now it's time for a winter break.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Tavitian pulls up to the accident site, the police car behind the wrecked car extends well beyond the wrecked car, blocking the road. But in the overhead shots, the police car is further back, almost entirely behind the wrecked car.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Tavitian: So you are the Royal bastard.
      Renard: Well, I am Royal. I can be a bastard.
      Tavitian: I can be, too.

    • Monroe: You know, I've got a lot going on today. Gotta get those jobs out before Christmas, because you know, clock repairs. Need to be timely.
      Rosalee: Is that a clock joke?
      Monroe: Just a very tiny one. Sorry. I heard it second-hand.
      Rosalee: Yikes. I'm leaving before you can think of anymore.

    • Wu: Don't worry, I'm not going to give you crap about arresting Santa Claus in front of a bunch of children. But I wouldn't expect anything under the tree this year.

    • Hank: You picking anything up?
      Monroe: I got nothing. Except the smell of fear. On Bud.
      Bud: Hey! I want to save those kids just as much as the rest of you. I'm just not entirely comfortable with the idea that we might encounter the most hideous beast nobody's ever seen.

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