Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2013 on NBC
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    Grimm "Ring of Fire" Review: Some Like It Hot

    Though the much-hyped case-of-the-week was fairly straightforward, "Ring of Fire" still did a lot to progress this sometimes-slow season along.

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    A fire-based Wesen threatens to bury Portland in lava, and only Nick can stop him. Meanwhile, Adalind finds someone to help her with her pregnancy.

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    • Why the big deal?

      I love Grimm and have been reading the different reviews and it almost seems like people hate Juliet more then people hate jar jar ( I personally like jar jar) from Star Wars, but seriously why the big deal, you guys are complaining to much about a "side character" who if people were smart enough would be able to tell from a mile away that they would have a lot of spot lot, especially being nicks girlfriend who he has to tell he is a Grimm, so stop complaining and get over it, because the only annoying people I see are the people who think Juliet is a side charactermoreless
    • the fire guy!

      This show was alright but it needed more Monroe the charactor that I like even more than Nick. When I Think of fire I think of water, I would have put that guy out with the hoses of water not ice but I guess they felt I was dramatic so when it was all done they could just break him apart.
    • A Volcano Man

      I only gave this episode a 7.5 as to be honest I was a bit bored by it. It wasn't that the story was too bad but it wasn't too great either. Also, Nick didn't interact with Monroe and of course he didn't do anything with Hank as Hank is off on vacation. The monster of the week wasn't as good as usual, at least to me, and I rather liked the guy who lived on the mountain better although he never really did much along the monster line. It was somewhat interesting to see more development of the Juliette and Adalind story lines although I hope Juliette resolves her issues soon as these multiple Nick scenes are starting to drag a bit. Hopefully next week's episode will be better.moreless
    • re run

      're run to night where he puts drops in her eyes ugh
    • This show was not aired - Thank God it's over in Boston!

      They caught him, the bomber in Boston. Obviously they pushed this show aside to cover the "Big Story". My prayers go out to the victims. Maybe they will post the Grimm episode in the normal fashion as things calm down in the news.
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      • Monroe: You got something?
        Nick: Dead body.
        Monroe: That'll take your mind off (Juliette).
        Bud: Takes my mind off--off her.

      • Nick: But... he's Wesen.
        Renard: Who isn't these days?

      • Nick: Where should we put this?
        Juliette: In the trash.
        Nick: This--this is my Elvis lamp. I got it in Mexico.
        Juliette: I see that, and that doesn't make it any more valuable.
        Nick: I had to drink a lot of mesquale and eat a worm for this thing.
        Juliette: Nick, you just have to ask yourself one question. Who do you love more? (Nick considers it and puts it away) I am going to get you a beer to celebrate your break-up.
        Nick: Please do.

      • Renard: You think we should read him his rights?
        Nick: Yeah. Last rites.

      • Nick: Well, what have we got?
        Wu: Well, the first part's normal. Victim is Jill Prembrey, a geologist at Eon Industries. Was supposed to pick up Ronnie Sanchez, co-worker, for dinner. When she didn't show, Sanchez tried to call, they came over, called 911.
        Nick: What's the not-normal part?
        Wu: Everything else.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Russell Hornsby received a real-life injury, damage to his Achilles' tendon, which forced him to leave the show for a couple of weeks. He goes on vacation in this episode, and is only seen seated.

      • The episode was originally scheduled to air on 4/19/13 under the name "Ring of Fire," but was preempted for coverage of the capture of one of the terrorists in the Boston Marathon bombing.

      • International Airdates:
        Canada: April 19, 2013 on CTV
        Australia: April 21, 2013 on FOX8

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