Season 6 Episode 12

Zerstorer Shrugged


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Diana warns the team that Zerstorer is interested in more than just her. Meanwhile, Zerstorer searches for the stick and kills anyone who gets in his way.

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Mar 26, 2017
This is HORRIBLE but GREAT GREAT SHOCK episode. Not one but TWO main regulars KILLED? Ouch! Got me thinking. Maybe, just maybe, Nick's little stick could resurrect the dead once more. It's not over till John Snow says so, yes? LOL. Anything can and will happen on TV these days. Well played Grimm. Excellent episode!
Mar 25, 2017
Well what can you say as we are only one episode away from the end of one of my favorite shows on TV currently. It reminded me of Friday nights when I was a kid so long ago with supernatural shows and then Shock theater near midnight, real Friday night fare. The destroyer definitely took over for this episode and all the characters are in a real tizzy as they try and plan a way to stop him. And Eve loses her Wessen fix after she comes back from the other place. But at the very end we are stunned to see Hank and Lu meet their apparent demise at the hands of the destroyer. Wow, stunning yet realistic. It is so difficult in shows to do something like this but realistic and being the end it won't make any difference to continuity. I'll be watching the final episode to see how things get all sewn up as Giuntoli said elsewhere they would be.moreless

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