Season 1 Episode 22

Woman in Black

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 18, 2012 on NBC
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    Grimm: Mommie Dearest

    Woman In Black,” Grimm's fantastic Season 1 finale, wove together almost every single thread that’s been left dangling since the start of the show.

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    The cursed coins resurface after someone else starts killing to obtain them. Meanwhile, Nick and Hank find a mysterious woman interfering in their case, and Nick and Juliette must make a life-changing decision.

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    • Require a rewrite; this does.

      NIck: We need to get this scratch checked out by a friend of mine called Rosalee, come on.

      Juliette: No, stop being ridiculous -it is just a cat scratch.

      Nick: It might not be, Adelind is a murderer, Juliet.

      And she is an expert with uncommon drugs and poisons made from plants.

      Juliette: Why are you telling me this now? If she was a murderer -why isn't she in jail?

      NIck: Because I didn't have any evidence, she was even drugging Hank the entire time they were together -eventually she gave him a lethal overdose but Rosalee was able to help.

      Juliette: Then why hasn't Hank done or said something?

      Nick: Juliette, Hank doesn't remember anything about it and I haven't told him -and because of how exotic the drugs were; we couldn't get to the evidence in time.

      She has had a score to settle with me for stopping her and she is dangerous, very dangerous.

      I need you to trust me, trust that I want to keep you safe.

      We need to go see Rosalee now.

      THE END

      and now Nick isn't a tard.moreless
    • A great way to end season 1

      I've been catching up on Grimm episodes off of DVD and watched this one, finishing season 1, last night. This was an excellent episode. I already knew about Juliette's cat fever but now finally know exactly how she got it. And this was a continuous roller coaster ride through the entire episode as well as throwing out many answers as well as new questions. Nick's scenes with Monroe, Hank, the assassin, explaining that he is a Grimm to Juliette, etc. kept things moving rapidly all through the show. Finally, having Nick's mom appear, and she is one nasty Grimm for sure, really sets up things for season 2. I think this has become my favorite show on TV now and hope they get renewed for season 3. I was late to the party but now I'm all caught up.moreless
    • Questionmarks remaining us

      Too many open questions...ahhhh. Hope the second season comes soon!

      About the episode: It was, like I expected it to be. Suspensful and finally Nick confesses to Juliet, [who is now turning into a monster?] and I really liked the scene, in which he visits the trailer with Juliet! Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing. He did look like a lunatic!

      Well I thought Hank would learn about his secret too, but ok.. that's up to the second season.

      Look grimmingly forward to it :Dmoreless
    • Ups n Downs

      A weak start as with most shows of this kind generally character intro. That said as it progressed it grew especially with the recurring characters adding the needed light heartedness i.e. the beaver people and such. Unlike many people here I disagree about the finale I personally thought it was painfully predictable and no less than I have come to expect from the TV culture which will cancel shows on a whim.

      Hopefully with the second series the effects will be more consistant and this can go on my must watch list sitting closely next to supernatural.moreless
    • Awesome!

      I agree with most of the previous viewers, the show looked like a decent procedural with a twist at first, but it grew on me episode by episode. The final 6-8 episodes were really good, the writers are doing an exemplary job with character development, slowly building up the tension and the changes in each character, instead of just throwing it in at the convenient time. We can understand and relate with Hank's slow wake-up call to the world of Wesen, with Juliet's disbelief and Nick's gradual change from suspicious cop to butt-kicking Grimm!

      What I liked about the finale: Captain Renard's ambiguous part in everything, and the fact that we will see him in Season 2. Rosalie and Monroe working together again. Nick kicking some serious butt with the Japanese guy! And of course, Nick's mom is alive! Can't wait for next season.moreless
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