Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

ITV (ended 2000)


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  • Season 8
    • Nuclear Wart
      Episode 13
      Tom and Jerry Ganglion are two brothers who fight tooth and nail. Their mother, a feng shui expert, warns them to stop because all their bad energy has got to go somewhere. She's right, a mushroom appears in their back garden that sucks the badness out of the boys and grows into a Nuclear Wart that eventually destroys the whole world.moreless
    • 11/1/12
      A girl who disrespects her elders and thinks that old people are as worthless as old boiler chickens falls foul of the Old Peoples's Dead Army and has her neck wrung by a short-sighted farmer.
    • The Wrap Man
      Episode 11
      A boy who NEVER says thank youy for his birthday and Christmas presents is paid a visit by The Wrap Man, who parcels him up and posts him to his Great Aunt in Ireland to make him say thank you in person. Travelling through the postal service breaks every bone in his bodymoreless
    • 10/30/12
      All Petal wants is for people to love her and tell her how pretty she is; and for strangers to gasp when she comes into a room and say; "Doesn't that name suit her." But it doesn't happen until she discovers the gift of flowers. Give flowers to somebody and they are all smiles. So she picks flowers wherever she finds them tearing off their heads with a clumsy fist.moreless
    • The Undertaker
      Episode 9
      Gulab Gobby loves the sound of his own voice, so much so that he becomes the youngest politician in history, but when he falls foul of The Speaker by shouting her down, she assigns the Undertaker to take care of him.
    • 10/29/12
      A vicious girl who admires the single-minded violence meted out by her cat, grows her nails and slashes her way to power, only to drown accidentally, like many cats before her, in the neighbour's uncovered swimming pool.
    • 10/29/12
      Frank Einstein is a firework freak, who is given the chance to light the biggest firework on bonfire night if he can build the best Guy in the village. He steals body parts from all the other competitors and stitches together a freakish Guy who comes to life like Frankenstein.
    • Lazy Bones
      Episode 6
      Ida is a big girl because she lives on the sofa and does nothing for herself. Deciding that she needs to get off the sofa for her health, her parents try to interest Ida in a more active lifestyle and enter her for a Charity Walk.
    • The Worm
      Episode 5
      Eustace Colon eats worms, because it grosses out girls especially his little sister. Her revenge is sweet however, when she introduces a tapeworm to the worm farm where he breeds the worms that he eats, and once inside Eustace it grows and grows until it consumes him entirely and becomes him.moreless
    • Nerves Of Steel
      Episode 4
      Attention seeking Charlie Chicken tells lies. His biggest is that he is a superhero called Fearlessman and to prove it he will walk out into traffic. His plan is to use the beep from a Pelican Crossing to tell him when the traffic has stopped, but this idiotic plan goes wrong and he has to be rebuilt by a dodgy surgeon.moreless
    • 9/7/11
      B.S. Brogan is a boy who talks fifteen to the dozen and does not believe in using punctuation when he writes, because punctuation stops the flow of words. A blonde monk with wooden teeth answers Mr and Mrs Brogan's parent's plea for a tutor to teach their son how to write properly, but when B.S. Brogan won't learn, the monk turns him into a full stop at the end of a book and closes the covers for good.moreless
    • The Hair Fairies
      Episode 2
      Living just outside Totnes in Devon, in a country house called Little Babylon, renowned for its gardens full of hedge sculptures, Hemp Sock is the son of the Duke of Devonshire, aka the Hippy Lord. Father and son have beautiful hair given to them by the Hair Fairies. When Hemp Sock's baby sister, Moonunit, is born with even more beautiful hair than Hemp Sock, the boy cuts all of her hair off in a fit of jealousy.moreless
    • The Blood Doctor
      Episode 1
      Vain Georgina, aka Gorgeous George, will do anything to become a beauty queen. Her parents seek to alter her nasty behaviour by asking the Blood Doctor to change her bad blood.
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