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Grojband, Cartoon Network's latest animated series, is about the spontaneous and rock-driven life of young, passionate musician, Corey Riffin, and his 3 best friends Laney, Kin, and Kon. Together, they create the ultimate rock band to pass the time. The problem: they haven't the slightest clue how to write good lyrics. Unless of course they steal juicy ideas from Corey's older sister, Trina's, diary. The evil, overly-emotional, and highly popular drama queen makes for the perfect source of a good song. With that in mind, Corey and his band create and rock to the best lyrics, always ending in a great show.

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AIRED ON 6/21/2013

Season 1 : Episode 14

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  • Worst show on CN until Legends of Chima showed up

    I have seen loads of crap recently on CN right now, but out of all of them, this is the WORST and I mean WORST show I have probably EVER EVER EVER EVER SEEN EVER IN CARTOON NETWORK HISTORY!!! I have seen FOUR (yes, I said four!) episodes of this abomination! Let's review, shall we?

    The first one I saw was Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls. Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon must impress movie star Cherry Grapestain to get Grojband music into her new movie trailer. Very original (sarcasm).

    This episode was terrible and thus started the big abomination that would soon become popular.

    Next, I saw Dance of the Dead. In this one, A haunted amp and Corey's bad lyrics cause zombies to rise from the dead. -facepalm- Where do I even start?

    The next-to-last one I saw was Pox N' Roll. In this episode, Corey wants to throw an amazing party after contracting chicken pox. That makes no sense. -sigh- What has CN come to?

    Finally, I saw No Strings Attached. Corey's favorite animatronic band, The Bubble Bunch (a parody of Yo Gabba Gabba!), is destroyed by Trina, and Corey uses Grojband as a replacement.

    This episode sucked and I obviously can't trust CN anymore because of this monstrosity. CN did have some good shows like Annoying Orange, Gumball, and Teen Titans Go. But this monster of a show ruined CN. That's just sad. CN is now dead. If I thought Total Drama Island would have ruined CN, this monster came several years later. It's sad that other shows like Sheep In The Big City, Camp Lazlo, Ed Edd and Eddy, and My Gym Partner's A Monkey were removed in favor for these crappy abominations. Well, I'm signing out. I'm going to review Robot And Monster later. In the meantime, I'll just watch some more MLP:FiM.

    UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2014 (ORIGINALLY POSTED ON AUGUST 1, 2013) Sorry if I sounded younger in that review. My brain has grown quite a bit since then. But I just realized Grojband ended after the second season! YAAAAY! This horrible show is finally gone! Time to celebrate!moreless
  • Awesome show

    I like the characters, the songs and the design.

    Characters: Corey is a cool dude from the band, Laney is cool too, Kin and Kon are the awesome twins. Trina has a nice design but I don't like her.

    Plot: Corey always has a good plan to get lyrics for their catchy catchy songs.

    Design: Best character design ever!

    BTW THIS SHOW ISN'T CANCELLED!!Okay I've been hearing all of this crap about hating on this show! May I ask how old are you haters?I mean I'm only a 13 year old and I love this show like how a toddler loves Dora!Just hear me out on why this show is good,and why you should give it a the main character Corey does steal lyrics from his sisters dairy,but no GOD DAMN person gives a fuck when this believe only people who had gone their diary stolen would care,and I'm sorry for them,but this is only a cartoon relief joke,and it's a very old one!I use to be like you haters and decided not to watch the show,until I finally gave it a try I have to say I never regretted I'll tell you something,and it's the 100% show gave me back my imagination and some how my love for drawing and writing back. Now I'm a big fan fiction writer for the show,and I regained the reading level Z from lvl !Please give this show a chance!Some of you haters are just being racist to Canadians lay off of them!I'm an American and i'm happy Canada is above us!moreless
  • Too much hate for no reason.

    Well, I've read too much hate about this show, and I disliked it at first, but once you start watching it is really good, the songs are nicely done and is funny, which is the function of a cartoon.

    First: Some people say this is repetitive, but nowadays, Which cartoons are not repetitive? Answer: None

    Second: Someone said the episodes are incoherent, COME ON, it's a cartoon, if you want coherence, just go and see Cosmos or something else.

    Third: This show has no morals just 'cause Corey steals the lyrics from his sister and blablabla, you clearly haven't seen shows like Regular Show, (I like that show) but in some episodes has adult humor, but no one cares, and rarely in other shows like MAD.

    Fourth: The animation is similar to other shows. WTF people, this show is from the same creators of Total Drama, so is obvious that the animation is similar

    And, maybe it's not the best show, but it's way better than many others around there, just give it a chance, many, many people hate it for no reason.moreless
  • One of the better Canadian shows out there.

    A clean, smart, witty, original animated comedy that should have more love and more fan because it's not CatDog.
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