Groomer Has It

Saturday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Apr 12, 2008 In Season


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  • a different kind of reality...

    groomer has it takes professional groomers from all walks of life and challenges them each week. one groomer is eliminated each week based on their grooming abilities (or lack there of) until one is left. that one will earn the title of groomer of the year and win their very own mobile grooming truck and other prizes. i personally love this show. having worked as a groomer's assistant, i have a lot of respect for these professionals and their skills and patience!
    this is an original reality show worth watching. a must see for all dog lovers! see just what it takes to get pooches pampered.
  • this show is very original. a ggude to all dog lovers and pet owners.

    Some dogs are naturally beautiful, but others need a lot of work! Groomer Has It is a new reality competition with twelve groomers, professional and amateur, to see who can turn some of the scruffiest and the most elgant dogs.theses groomers transform dogs into well behaved beauties. i love this show, absoulety love it. really love it. sometimes if you don't know how to groom your pet watch this show. yes watch it. youllllll absoulety love it.y e s absoule ty love absoulety love it. yes absoul ety love it. y e s absoulety lov e i t. y e s
  • What happens when you leave your dog at the grooming shop?

    There's more to a good haircut than meets the eye. The same is also true of our four-legged friends. This reality show examines what happens when you give a bunch of unkempt dogs to some determined upscale groomers. Can they rescue the beloved pooches' appearances? The different technicians have their own personalities. They can be pleasant or obnoxious, just like anyone else, and you may develop an affinity, or a repulsion, for the way any of them carries out their craft. From tangled dog hair, to fear of the trimmer, the groomers see many challenges and develop ways around them. For dog lovers, this will be a very funny and involving show.
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