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The WB (ended 2001)


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  • Should have lasted longer.

    A very cute little series that I don't understand why it was cancelled after watching it. This show definately knew how to make fun of itself and of the whole television business. The characters were great sterotypes and very funny. Lindsay Sloane was perfect as Marcie and you really wanted her and Dave - the Stand-in - to get together. But as with other good shows it was cancelled before its time and we will never know since it ended on a cliffhanger. If you really need a break from the usual movie/TV fare -- this is a great little series to watch.
  • Such a good show, could have been a huge!

    i loved this shiow, it was sooooo funny. I mean the contrast of characvters showing that actors are not like their characters they play, which in sense is good but also funny to show. Its also funny to show a side to showbiz that we, the audience do not see.
    Overall i love this show, its funny and the characters are great. I am definantly going to buy this show on DVD. I wished they had given it one more chance, this show would definantly have great results if it were on just a little longer... such an awesome show!
  • It was so good, I nearly cried when they ended it.

    This show is Very unique. It’s a comedy/drama of actors in a show. The jokes are hilarious, the actors are great, the story line is the best, and the episodes are always interesting. It was so good, I watched all of season 1 on DVD in 3 days. They ended the show in such a horrible way, though. They left you off with so many questions, and then they canceled it. I almost cried when I saw the last episode. But still, it was a great show, and I would recommend it to anyone, accept small kids who wouldn't get any of the jokes.
  • This show was great. It was a witty and hilarious show. Unfortunately at only 17 episodes long, the conclusion, or lack there of, will piss you off but its worth the watch just for the other episodes...

    This show takes the audience to the fictional world of the behind the scenes of a teen drama series "Grosse Pointe." The cast of Grosse Point consists the pretty lead, who in real-life is a conceited, demanding b*tch; an obviously too old actor playing a high school kid; the nice girl who is completely insecure; a new actress trying to pursue her dream of making it big as a 'serious' actress; and the self-absorbed 'hot-guy.' Throw in a poor nice guy stand-in who just can't get a break, the writer and producer, a perverted man playing the 'dad' on the show and some guest stars and you have a brilliantly funny show about the things that go on behind the scenes...
  • A show within a show about HS kids playing HS kids on a boring teen-show. The real action happens when they stop filming their fake TV show.

    I completely miss this show. Great cast. Great writing. Never given a chance. It came out in 2000 and the first time I seen it was by accident; I never heard of it before. And I laughed so hard and enjoyed every moment.
    Killed way before its time(stabbing voodoo doll of TV execs)

    Its a very quick-witted comedy and there is no laugh track. So, be on your toes.
  • this was a tv show about people making a tv show and all the backstage double crossing that people always think go on. not much more to say.

    it made me sad, i mean... no one even bothered to praise or diss this show but it stuck in my mind. it was funny, strange and different. i think the first line that caught me was "i thought last season's gang rape would be the end of me playing the victim"... well, ok, me writing this seems kinda creepy but in context, i was rolling across the floor laughing. we had some talent to in this show. lindsay sloane (valerie in sabrina) was on this show, ad she is fuunnny. not only her but there were a host of actors thatrepresented everything "tv" but also pulled off every line... every beat. it was a good show, tacky, cheesy yet brilliant. find episodes and watch them all please.