Grosse Pointe

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 2000 on The WB

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  • The Tables Are Turned

    It\'s hard to single out any episode of \"Grosse Pointe\" as being fantastic, because the entire series was just incredible. However, \"Satisfaction\" gets a special mention as it gleefully reverses the \'Hollywood exploits women\' storyline.

    This time, hunky Johnny (Al Santos) feels exploited when a female producer, Shawn, is brought in to spice up the series. Shawn\'s ideas of spicing things up include having Johnny\'s character parade around almost completely nude. Of course, the female co-stars and crew members are loving this, but Johnny is embarassed and can\'t keep his concentration on his \'acting.\' Shawn also adds in a storyline involving Marcy\'s character having an orgasm - Marcy (Lindsay Sloane) is frazzled as to how to convey this in her performance as she\'s never experienced one in reality. While Hunter (Irene Molloy) is absolutely loving all of this drama that Shawn is creating, Rob can\'t deal with Johnny and Marcy\'s complaints so he calls the network brass. They bring in Joan, and she is forced to let Shawn go. Right after, things go back to normal on the set, as Rob films a scene of scantily-clad girls having a catfight in the locker room showers.

    Al Santos, with an Adonis-like body and gorgeous lips and eyes, is fully on display (literally) in this episode and he shows off the attributes that most likely got him the part. That being said, his performance here evokes a vulnerability that makes him all the more appealing. It was great so seem him on the big-screen in \"Jeepers Creepers 2,\" and even though the series was far from successful, \"The Help.\" Lindsay Sloane is winsome and effective as usual - this character a far cry from her delightfully power-mad \'Big Red\' in \"Bring It On.\" The bottom (pun intended) line is that this episode belongs to Al Santos, and as well-written and acted as it is, it\'s Al\'s fine form that will keep viewers eyes glued to their screens.