Season 1 Episode 7

Club Parasites

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 05, 2006 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Insectiva creates a strain of head lice with mental powers that cause the kids at Ringworm High to obey her commands.

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    Lili Francks

    Lili Francks


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    Karen Hines

    Karen Hines

    Petunia Archer

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    Melissa Altro

    Melissa Altro


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • One of the names Ty uses to make fun of Abby's head lice condition is "Scabby Abby," which is a Grossology in-joke in itself; it was also the name of one of the "Grossologist" team experts of the popular Grossology traveling exhibition. Other members included "Snotty Scotty," "Marty Farty," "Bacteria Bart," and "Molly Mucus."

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Ty: Uh, Abby, you have that thing set to full blast.
        (Abby shoots her Goop Shooter at Paige's point of view)

      • Abby: Let's bust some bugs!
        Insectiva: (intervening) Not today, kiddies!

      • Ty: I gotta' fly! Abby and I have some lice to ice!
        Lab Rat: (shakes his head in disgust) "Lice to ice?" Man, if Abby were here . . .
        Ty: (defeated) I know, she would've gotten me good for that one. And it's time to get her back!
        (Ty runs off as Lab Rat smiles, amused)

      • (Abby and Paige, controlled by the big lice on their heads, stand next to each other at ease)
        Ty: Abby and Page together!? The lice have gotta be affecting their brains!

      • Ty: Our whole school is infested?
        Director: (nervously) Uh-huh!
        Ty: (to Abby) Hey, now you and Page can be "bug-buddies!" (laughs)
        Abby: (angry) Cut it out, Ty, I'm serious! You're really--
        Ty: You can scratch each other's scalps, comb each other's nits, and be the bestest friends ever! (laughing)
        Abby: (really angry) Ty, stop it! I mean it!
        Ty: And then, you'll be popular, just like her! (laughter)

      • Lab Rat: It's survival of the biggest.

      • (traded insults repeated throughout the episode)
        Ty: Lice Lady!
        Abby: Nitpicker!

      • School Nurse: You have headlice!
        Abby: (dramatically) Noooooooo!!!!!

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Ty: (to Abby) Hey, now you and Paige can be "bug-buddies!"

        This was Ty's cleverly-disguised pun of the suggestive term, "butt-buddies."

      • The title "Club Parasites" is a take-off on the title of the 1986 film "Club Paradise" about a Caribbean island resort.