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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 12/20/08
      I It?s another Christmas season, and Abby can?t seem to rustle up any Christmas cheer. Not helping is the fact that Sloppy Joe is playing the local Santa this year! But the Grossologists discover something even more sinister when they catch Lance Boil using Joe as a dupe to send rotten fruitcakes to every house in town! It?s up to Chef Ty to save the day when Boil?s fruitcakes ruin everybody?s Christmas dinner.moreless
    • Pucker Up
      Episode 25
      Someone?s out to ruin Valentine?s Day! And it?s none other than the love-scorned Insectiva and Sloppy Joe. Now it?s up to Ty and Abby to save the day . . . but when they can?t quite catch them, the Grossologists are forced to try a slightly different tact ? ?Insectiva and Sloppy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love . . .?moreless
    • 10/24/09
      Darko Crevasse returns with a dark plot to ruin Halloween via an army of zombie roadkill animals.
    • 4/17/09
      The Grossologists go off into outer space to stop Fartor, who has landed on a planet which is covered with fart gas and is planning on sending it to Earth.
    • Hirsute Yourself
      Episode 22
      Frederick Follicle returns, but this time he's not just controlling his own hair, he's making the entire town's grow.
    • Fangs a Lot
      Episode 21
      T.P. Skinner has created a new pet called a slitherbuddy, which is a small creature created by mixing the DNA of different reptiles. Almost everyone in town wants a slitherbuddy. That is, until they shed their skin and turn into giant, savage monsters.
    • 3/27/09
      Lance Boil and his evil Abby clone are about to take over the Bearu of Grossology and it seems the only one who can stop them is the one who Lance betrayed; Roger Pinkeye.
    • 3/13/09
      An army of rats is attacking the city and Ty is shocked to find out that the one controlling them is Abby. What he doesn't know is that the Abby he saw was an evil clone created by Lance Boil and his new sidekick, Roger Pinkeye, who is trying to get Abby fired as a Grossologist so he can become one.moreless
    • 3/6/09
      Roger Pinkeye has kidnapped Lance Boil and is forcing him to tell him everything he knows about the grossologists. It's now up to Ty and Abby to find Lance before he tells Roger all their secrets.
    • New Recruits
      Episode 17
      Ty and Abby talk about the time they first became Grossologists while trying to stop Lance Boil from flooding the entire city with pus.
    • Squirmed
      Episode 16
      Ty and his dad go out on a fishing trip in hopes of catching a whopper. But the trip is soon ruined when the campground they're staying at is attacked by giant mutated worms. Now Ty must use his Grossology skills to find out what's going on without his dad finding out.moreless
    • Swamp Gas
      Episode 15
      Weird balls of light are popping up everywhere in the local swamp. Some people think that it's aliens, but then Ty and Abby find out that it's just swamp gas so they think there's no harm. That is until the gas starts attacking the town.
    • Candy Isn't Dandy
      Episode 14
      A candy maker by the name of Gary Gumdrop becomes famous when every kid in town wants some of his candy. But then Ty and Abby find out that the candy is coated with bacteria that is giving everyone bad breath and they must stop Gary from giving it to every kid in the city.moreless
    • 1/22/09
      A former opera star wants to get revenge on the people who shamed him by attacking places with his powerful burps.
    • Spa Insectiva
      Episode 12
      Insectiva has created her own spa where all of the treatments are bug based. Ty and Abby's mom is impressed by Insectiva's treatments and the two become good friends. That is, until Insectiva finds out about the powerful bug spray that the kids' mom is working on and she decides to get rid of the spray and it's creator.moreless
    • Turd Wars
      Episode 11
      Ty and Abby must stop an army of giant dung beetles, that are being controlled by both Insectiva and Sloppy Joe, from rolling huge balls of dung in the city.
    • Ask the Dust Mites
      Episode 10
      Lab Rat accidentally uses a ray that causes two dust mites to grow. To make matters worse, when he tries to shrink the mites back to normal, he accidentally shrinks Paige instead. Now, Lab Rat must find a way to make everything normal again without Ty and Abby finding out.
    • Pussed Off
      Episode 9
      When everyone at their school gets infected with bad acne, Ty and Abby suspect Lance Boil is behind the whole thing. The only problem is that Lance is in jail. When the acne problem becomes worse, the team has no choice but to ask Lance for help in catching the real crook.moreless
    • 11/8/08
      Lance Boil creates a blaster that causes a person to have bad reactions to the thing they're allergic to. Meanwhile, Lab Rat starts thinking that he might be allergic to Hermies and is afraid that he'll have to leave the lab. Also, Ty tries to impress Naomi by acting like a tough guy.moreless
    • Mold Monster
      Episode 7
      Roger Pinkeye, a student at Ty and Abby's school, tries to create a mold monster from the mold found on smelly cheese and it's up to Ty and Abby to stop him without giving out their secret identities.
    • Stinko
      Episode 6
      Sloppy Joe plans to make everyone smell like him by creating his own brand of deodorant which makes everyone stink.
    • 10/11/08
      An ex-hair stylist who goes by the name of Frederick Follicle tries to get revenge on the people who rejected his styles by creating a device that will make the entire world bald. Meanwhile, Abby joins Paige and her friends and lets all the popularity go right to her head.
    • Sloppy Joe to Go
      Episode 4
      Sloppy Joe has supposedly renounced evil and created his own line of fast food restaurants. But then Ty and Abby find out that Joe is collecting all of the trash from his customers and storing it in the old abandoned mine as his own personal collection. Now it's up to Ty and Abby to stop the trash from overflowing and covering the entire town with garbage.moreless
    • Vertigo a Go-Go
      Episode 3
      Lance Boil returns, creating a serious case of vertigo for Abby by planting a tiny mind-control device in her inner ear.
    • Flushed Away
      Episode 2
      Alligators are popping up in everyone's toilets. Ty and Abby believe that the culprit is a man named T.P. Skinner, who is selling special toilets that get rid of alligators, and Ty and Abby suspect that he put the alligators in the sewers so he can sell his product. What the team doesn't know is that the alligators are a decoy for a much bigger plan made by their old arch-enemy, Lance Boil.moreless
    • Sinister Rivalry
      Episode 1
      Ty and Abby must stop a feud between Insectiva and her spider loving twin sister, Arachnidia, who are battling each other in the city with giant bugs and giant spiders.
  • Season 1