Season 1 Episode 16

Oldie but a Goodie

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 04, 2007 on YTV
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Oldie but a Goodie
Deactivating a dangerous device created by Lance Boil causes Abby to be exposed to a ray that makes her age at an incredibly accelerated rate. The Grossology team has to find Boil and figure out how to reverse the process before it's too late.

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    Juan Chioran

    Juan Chioran

    Lance Boil

    Guest Star

    Karen Hines

    Karen Hines

    Petunia Archer/Aging Abby

    Guest Star

    Karen Hines

    Karen Hines

    Petunia Archer

    Recurring Role

    Danny Wells

    Danny Wells

    The Detective

    Recurring Role

    Richard Binsley

    Richard Binsley

    Harvey Archer

    Recurring Role

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      • (Abby and Lance age detrimentally after falling in a huge vat of aging pus as Ty looks on)
        Lab Rat: (on a communicator) Ty! The antidote is on its way! ETA: 10 seconds!
        Ty: Hurry! They're starting to reminisce!!

      • (Lab Rat analyzes Abby under a scan light)
        Lab Rat: It's amazing, Abby! You're aging at an accelerated rate! Your arteries are clogging up with plaque, your brain cells are dying by the thousands, your spinal discs are hardening, your...
        (Abby grabs Lab Rat over to herself)
        Abby: It's a miracle! I - get - it! Now figure out a way to stop this! I'm getting wrinkles, Lab Rat! (starts to sound like her mother Petunia) I look like Mom! (gasps in shock and releases Lab Rat) And now I sound like Mom!

      • Lab Rat: Fly like the wind! (after the pigeon bumps into a wall) Guess I should have seen that coming!

      • Abby: Where did grandma spend all her time for the last thirty years?
        Ty: Bingo?
        Abby: Bingo!

      • Abby: You've got to help me!
        Lab Rat: One anti-aging antidote coming right up! (Abby gasps in delight) ... in a few days.
        Abby: A few days!? I'll be ancient by then!!!

      • Abby: I've got basketball practice!
        Lab Rat: You can't stop that girl.
        Ty: That's my Abby!

      • Lance Boil: In a few seconds your school will turn into sludge and slurry!
        Abby: That's all the time I need!

      • Abby: I don't look that old. (looks in a mirror; streaks start to appear in her hair, and she freaks out) I do look that old!

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Abby: I've fallen, and I can't get up!

        This line references the classic LifeCall (now Life Alert) commercial from 1987, which features an elderly lady named Mrs. Fletcher (portrayed by Bea Marcus), who had fallen with her walker on the floor in her bathroom, and spoke this same exact phrase over her handheld LifeCall device, calling for emergency help.

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