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  • It's literally a Kim Possible rip-off

    How? Oh, nothing really. EXCEPT FOR THESE!!!!:

    * Two high school kids fight crime as secret agents.

    * They use high tech weapons and fight weird criminals

    * An African-American guy in a lab gives them their mission.

    one plus one

    Though Abby Archer looks quite cute, I really don't care about her, because of how much she ripped off Kim Possible. I've seen this on Discovery Kids. At first, I liked it, but looking back on it, it just sucked. Thank God it's not on TV anymore.
  • It goes over Ty and Abby = Brother and Sister It goes over 2 kids that must save the earth Great shows

    Grossology is where I life on Nickelodeon [I life in Belgium & watch Nickelodeon BeNelux]

    And Grossology ikes much on Nickelodeon :

    Nickelodeon is Slime grossology is fight with slime


    Grossology goes over 2 Special agents named : Ty and Abby

    What normal agents not can , can they

    They fight to [Here named they :]

    "Ranzige Slobberco" &
    "Insectiva" &
    "De Leempuist"

    "De Leempuist" is the grandest enemy say NICK. here

    But I believe that there come a grander enemy !

    Ty and Abby fight not only to enemy's ,
    On school have they to enemy's

    On school they can transform there costum but there are other places but the other places they don't view so much

    Grossology is great and slime
    Grossology is on NICK and they are both Slimy
  • One of my favorite new cartoon shows ever! Right up there with THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and THE VENTURE BROS.!

    I've already been aware of the bestselling "Grossology" kids' fun-fact books by Sylvia Branzei (which became a CD-ROM game and children's' museum exhibit), and my first experience with it was back in 1997 or 1998, when Mom left a fake plastic vomit on my computer desk one morning (the "Grossology" CD-ROM came with this, since she worked at
    Computer City at the time), and my grandma thought it was funny! But I never imagined that a decade later, this simple little book would later become Canada's answer to "The Incredibles" and "Kim Possible"!

    In early June of this year, I was having a conversation on the phone with my older brother in Pennsylvania, who informed me of this series. I thought he was talking about the books or game, but he told me it was a Canadian cartoon series similar to "The Incredibles" (which I'm a big fan of), and was animated in Flash (it was actually done with Toon Boom Digital Pro, as I soon found out, and was done by the same team as another cool Canadian cartoon show, "6teen"). He saw it on Discovery Kids (where it's airing here in the US; It airs on YTV in Canada) and he thought I would love it! I just had to check this out, so I sampled the episode "Fartzilla" (about a fart epidemic and a fart-powered robot dinosaur), and I was hooked! Not just by the wild action and the sick & twisted content, but the visual style and animation! I already love the colorful retro-style, and Faruk Cemalovic's character designs are excellent, on par with Stephen Silver's work. Abby Archer, the show's heroine, is my favorite character! (And one of my favorite cartoon girls!) Just plain pretty, and full of charm and appeal. Plus, Abby has flaws, unlike the politically correct cartoon heroines these days. The other characters, including Ty (Abby's brother), Lab Rat and the Director are superb, as are the villains (Lance Boil, the "Mojo Jojo" of this series, is my favorite)!

    Of the episodes I've seen at this writing, my favorites include "Fartzilla," "The Scab Fairy," "When Ya Gotta Go," "It's Gotta' Be the Shoes," and "All Together Now." There's also "The Insider," which is an apparent nod to "Invader ZIM" (the episode's plot is remarkably similar to that of the "ZIM" episode, "NanoZIM."

    If you can get past the "gross" theme aimed at kids, adults, even cartoon buffs, will love the dynamic visual style. But for me, "Grossology" is my favorite new cartoon series, right up there with "The Powerpuff Girls" and "The Venture Bros."! I highly recommend it!
  • Meh, it sure tries to use grossness as a funny but at the same time this sack of junk is not good for children.

    Ytv sure likes to endorse this show for some reason but after a while the jokes seem tasteless or should I say smelless. The show uses the infamous toonboom program that is suposely much more easier to use then adobe flash is. I have nothing it against it but most of the cartoons that come from it I hate. Such as 6teen or that dreaded Ruby Gloom. Well this shows animation is a bit eye bleeding. It's like they did 6fps rather then the full 12fps. The plots really arent done in an educational format. It's more like "Hey this thing is gross". The end. There's also a bit of inaccuracy in some of the episodes. The show really isnt enjoyable. Was much better off left as the books.
  • Follows the adventures of Ty and Abby, a brother sister team, as they fight crime and fight grime.

    Grossology is one of my favorite shows next to Teen Titans, of course.

    I first heard of the show when I was watching Kenny the Shark on DK. I tuned in the up coming Saturday and saw the episode "Yack Attack". Soon after I saw that I felt like I found the one show that was missing from my life.

    The main characters, Abby and Ty, are both my favorite characters,(though I kinda have a crush on Ty).

    My favorite episodes of the ones that I've alreadry seen:

    When Ya Gotta Go
    Go Fish
    Yack Attack(obviously)
    Kid Rot
    The Insider
    Oldie but a Goodie
    Vein Drain
    Silent but Deadly (pt1)
    The King of Rottingham Forest
    and Frankenbooger

    I haven't seen Silent but Deadly (pt2) yet, but I know I'll love it 'cause I loved part 1.

    If you like a show with a theme of good vs evil with a mix of slight grossness and and a bunch of comedy, this is the show for you.
  • Since when does making a show about gross stuff give you a 7.3?

    People use to think watching gross things was revolting and changed the channel instantaneously, stuff like mega babies shouldn't be allowed on the air but idiots like whoever made these shows seem to think it's funny.

    Who wants to watch snot, giant colons, people puking, and Kids sneezing all over the floor? It makes me wonder why new shows can't be as good as the old ones, what happened to good, sensible, and clean shows that use to be on tv's for family's.

    Nowadays there are shows with writers who don't think, sex, so much violence that it barely has a plot, swears, toilet humor, and shows that are so tedious that you fall asleep.

    Let's hope this show will disappear soon and that 2008 will bring good movies and shows.

    Storylines: Gross-1.0
    Characters: Annoying-1.0
    Animation: okay-5.0
  • a brother and sister fight evil villains using a green substance

    Grossology focuses on a brother and sister Abby and Ty Archer, who work for the Grossology Department under direction of the Director who communicates with them using a video linkup. The Lab Rat also helps, using his computer to find information, and they all communicate using handheld video communication devices. But far from this hi tech clean efficient world lies the evil half- the rotten sick disgusting half- and these are the villains whom Abby and Ty must face in combat using green substance fired from guns. The villains are all 'gross' in some way and this is why, for their age, Abby and Ty have been chosen, for the Director is unable to cope with much of the grossness. An allright show. nterestin animation style, nice sound and allright plots.
  • Kinda reminds me of Martin Mystery huh?

    This show is about 2 siblings who go out on missions with a help of a guy named Ty. its weird. some episodes are lame some episodes are cool. Some episodews are stupid, some episodes are brilliant. But overall, this isnt exactly the best show.
    there's something about this show that i dont like. Maybe when its a tension moment they dont add those background music? anyway, the jokes are sometimes seriously lame but i love the sarcasm of this show. Anyway, i just wanna say that this show is like Martin Mystery except not too funny. BTW, i'm saying it a rip-off. im saying its similiar.
  • Not gross enough.

    This show is called "Grossology," but it should be called "Sort-of-gross-ology." There are shows that do not have grossness as the main theme and still come off as way grosser than this. The books this show is based on are ten times grosser than the show itself.

    My biggest complaint is that they don't show actual vomiting. Even in the episode that dealt mainly with barfing, they more or less "censored" it by providing the characters with paper bags that came out of nowhere or using clever camera angles. The closest they came was the kid puking into the director's shirt, which showed only a moisture stain. Meanwhile, shows like "Rugrats" and "Rocko's Modern Life" depicted characters throwing up and the viewers' eyes didn't melt or anything. However, in the episode about bat guano... sure was a lot of that. So, is it that animals can be disgusting on a show called "Grossology," but humans can't?
  • A very educational and partially hilarious show that I like...

    I think Grossology is a great show because its really educational and I get to learn things that are gross and stuff that I don't know such as Methane, scabs, compost, etc. And it's quite hilarious. Well, it's great but since I live in asia, we only get to watch episodes 1 to 13 and the show has been in the Nickelodean channel for a year. Well, I'm not saying that I'm complaining but I'm really dying to see the rest of the episodes and all. And I'm looking forward to them and I hope its that it will be great!
  • Grossology is the best show on Discovery Kids. Here is why.

    Grossology is my favorite show for Discovery Kids. I was skeptical about it first. Then I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. The animation is amazing and so are the villains. You learn something in every episode such has how the digestion process works or how organic material rots. So far my two favorite episodes are the Kid Rot ones. Kid Rot is the best villain by far. The villains all fit their themes to a T. It's always a blast seeing what Abby and Ty are up against. Insects taking over, rotting forest, fart epidemic, etc. You name it, they'll handle it. Abby is my favorite for various reasons. One of the best shows on DK. You'll be glad you watched it.
  • One of the best shows ever!

    Grossology is the best of all shows. We have, a pair of siblings, Abby the more adventourous older sister and Ty, the smarter, more reserved younger brother. Joining them is Lab Rat, the traditional Tech Guy, complete with pet rat sidekick Hermes, as well as the cowardly Director and a whole host of wacky, weird and wild villians such as Sloppy Joe, who is at least seventeen kinds of disgusting, Insectiva who is all insects number one fan, Lance Boil who is the classic arch enemy except for the giant zit on his giant head, Kid Rot who has rotting powers and a major crush on Abby, Sarah Sernia who is a crazy plant lady who believes plants should rule the earth and many, many more villians and reasons why Grossology is awesome.
  • Grossology is a show about science. And it makes it really, really cool! Two special agents, Ty and Abby, take on many foul villains to save their city from many gross crimes. Helped ny their friend, LabRat, these teens teach kids about science!

    Grossology is the best show ever! I watch it everyday! (Almost) It's really funny and educational. When I first saw it, I was just flicking through the channels and I came upon it. It was the episode 'Club Parasites' Then I didn't watch it for a whole year because I forgot what channel it was on. Then when I saw it again, I had totally forgotten I had even watched it. Then I became a total Grossology fan! I told every one about it! Even my teachers! I totally love the show! And I'll never stop loving it because it is awesome! I give praise to all the cast and crew. (Especially EmCeeAitch)
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