Ground Floor

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2013 on TBS

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  • Standard sitcom with a forced premise but some laughs

    After the first episode I'm on the fence about this one. The premise is very sitcom-y, as a corporate go-getter becomes involved with a low-level free spirit (well, free-spirited relative to the go-getter, anyway). The premise is that the "ground floor," which appears to be building maintenance, hate the go-getters and vice versa, which seems rather silly and unlikely.

    While I doubt maintenance staff would really instantly write off all corporate guys, I would certainly write them off. The first scenes, taking place in the building's upper reaches, are quite unfunny and annoying. I really don't like the corporate guys in this, not even John C. McKinley as the big boss, who has done better.

    The show picks up as it moves down. While the characters are still cardboard cutouts, they're more likable cutouts, and generally funnier. But most funny moments are followed by something dumb, like the entrance of the office party girl.

    What works about this show is, in a way, the problem with it. It is very practiced, very professional, very much what a sitcom looks like. If a computer wrote a sitcom based on popular office sitcoms, it would look like this.

    Much of the problem is the generic quality of the characters. The pretty girl is likable, and the black guy's pretty good, but it feels like no one felt these characters needed a solid foundation. Just take a premise we've seen before, characters we've seen before, and jokes we've heard before, and see what happens.

    However, I did laugh outloud multiple times, and that inclines me to watch one more episode and see if things get better.