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  • Why do the great shows end????

    This is a great show. I saw the first episode and I was hooked. Is it coming back?

    I wanna know, why do great shows like this end and stupid shows carry on. BRING THIS SHOW BACK.
  • Funny and very Refreshing

    The show is getting much better. love a light funny comedy that is super refreshing
  • DO NOT CANCEL THIis.... execs

    Excellent new sitcom, love Briga, are you single ? lol

    no but seriously though, its light hearted comedy, don't over think it, and execs leave it alone and reorder more of it, or the peanuts will start arriving
  • Bill Laurence of Scrubs can't go wrong

    Its the first time since a long time that I have watched a show that I get attached to since the first episode. Its funny, witty, and smart. The cast are smartly picked.

    Watch it and forget everything else.
  • Great!

    Love it! great new comedy especially now that all the shows are MIA and who doesn't love a little Dr. Cox
  • Best New Comedy

    Awesome awesome show!!! I haven't watched a new comedy and smiled non-stop every single episode in like, forever. Excellent cast, great chemistry, great writing and very funny all-round.

    Finally a sitcom to do it right!

  • Funny and sometimes so cast!

    The show is improving as episodes go on. If you started to watch it but you left I suggest you to get it back, trust me. Thumbs up to the cast, different and brilliant characters.
  • Enjoyable

    It's not perfect, but it's enjoyable and funny, I think it has good potential.
  • I laughed!!

    All 3 episodes so far. That's better than most sitcoms these days.
  • love it!

    This show has grown on me by episode 3. one of this year's best new comedies.
  • like Scrubs

    Bill Lawrence, I loved Scrubs, until the end: but this show is not funny. John C. McGinley's character is just like Dr.. Cox but annoying and not funny. I have no idea why people are laughing. You must know that this show sucks. Please end this before it's too late.
  • Waste of time

    just horrible, so sad Rory Scovel is wasting his time there.

    every 5 sec you hear that fake crowed lough on not-funny-at-all-but-really-at-all jokes
  • Hoping it gets better

    Great actors, story is ok, but totally agree the laughing is so annoying! Will watch a couple more just hoping it gets better. Love John C. McGinley.
  • Too bad.

    Interesting characters, good actors, good writing. CAN'T STAND the f-ing laugh track. It destroys the show. Won't watch it again.