Grounded for Life

Season 5 Episode 9

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 2004 on FOX

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  • Sausage in a vacuum!

    I love this episode because it's so strange. How can sausage be funny? Or futon. And what the hell is Sciencenots, it wasn't very interesting. But I guess it was fake, how they watch porn & stuff. The other strange thing, is why would Sean pay someone to hit on his wife, you know it's going to lead to trouble. Of course Claudia finds out & tries to make Sean jealous. Someone steals Eddie's bid that wasn't even funny & gets sweet revenge when he puts sausages in his bed. That was priceless. A great episode & I think was a good filler episode.
  • Sean tries to help and it goes wrong.

    As always Sean tries to do a good thing but it ends up badly for him. He pays Steve (Trent Ford) to hit on Claudia to make her feel sexy, but she finds out and pretends that she is really interested in Steve. The whole situation is hilarious and Trent Ford is great in this episode and is perfect as the hot college guy. Eddie's stand up act is great and when his act is stolen I love his reaction and how she just stands there and says that that guy stole his material.This is a great episode which features Sean at his best.