Grounded for Life

Season 5 Episode 13

Hello, Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 28, 2005 on FOX
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In the series finale, Claudia and Sean miss Lily's graduation (thus spoiling Lily's senior-prank plan) when Claudia goes into labor. Meanwhile, the Finnerty boys learn that Walt has a girlfriend... his cleaning lady!

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  • Seemed more of a season finale.

    This was the last episode of a great series. I didn't think that they tied loose ends that well, I mean there could be so many more plot lines after this. Too bad Henry didn't return for the series finale. Although, he was mentioned. Anyways, I feel like the made Walt have a fiance, and a baby on the way, seemed to rushed, as well as Eddie with Crazy Amy, that is just too ruched for something like this. Sean & Claudia's plot was stupendous! That tied things up I would think. Lilly & Brad's plot was okay, seemed like just another break up/make up to me. An amazing season finale, not so well as a series finale.moreless
  • Claudia goes into labor on the same day that Lily and Brad graduate high school.

    When a show is a cult hit like "Grounded for Life," it's hard to see it go. Everyone except Jake Burbage returns, but his character is mentioned. I really hated seeing this show go, but I'd have preferred seeing the series end with Eddie getting his due in court as Sean testifies against his brother for all his shenanigans, criminal behavior and atrocities to women and then see Sean getting his due by getting a million dollars for converting his life with Eddie into a series. Wait a second, that's almost the last episode of "Seinfeld." Maybe that idea can be used in a reunion movie. Overall, the last episode is par for the series, but... I just didn't want to see it go. It was just too quick and too short for such a talented ensemble of actors.moreless
  • Not a bad way to go.

    Though this series was always a little touch and go for me it did have a good amount of appeal, and even now I find myself rewatching reruns quite a bit. This wasn't a bad way to end the show either. We got everything kind of resolved, though there wasn't much that actually needed resolving. And the newest kid in the pack was born, kind of cliche but they did a little comedy with it which was a nice change of pace instead of the corny fade out on baby with whole family (which they snuck in on us none the less).moreless
  • Everything ends up wrapped in a neat little bow and of course a good bow involves twists.

    This was a good way to end the show. Lily is graduating, Claudia is 9 months pregnant. I thought it was pretty funny with the five month jump.

    Sean convinces Lily to pull a prank. It seemed perfect for the Finnerty clan. So of course everything goes to pieces when the execution of the plan takes place. Claudia goes into labor, so everyone has to leave and it messes up leaving Lily looking like a fool one last time before the show ends.

    Walt appears and acts like he hasn't been gone for a while. There is a reference to Henry being "around here somewhere". It's very awkward, I would rather you just not mention him at this point than to make some unfunny joke about his whereabouts.

    Walt has been dating a girl for the past 7 months. Not only that but they are engaged and she's pregnant!

    I didn't understand the Rose Titanic reference. I mean seriously was it supposed to be older than the date of airing? I haven't thought of Titanic ina few years and the first thing that pops in my head at the sound of the name Rose is not "Titanic".

    IT definitely gave the show a sense of finality. I mena you can see life is going to go on for the Finnertys but you can tell this is the last time you are going to see them.moreless
  • Brad and Lily are going out. Lily is going to pull an awesome prank then her mom goes into labor so it kind of messes up the prank they were going to pull.moreless

    I thought it was funny and good. with the name rose they all fought over and were saying like the movie Titanic yeah. well I thought it was hillarious and I hope they continue to make more seasons because this show is awesome.I can't wait though to see what happens next.
Allan Trautman

Allan Trautman

Professor Gollin

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Gina Gallego

Gina Gallego


Guest Star

Miriam Flynn

Miriam Flynn

Sister Helen

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Richard Riehle

Richard Riehle

Walt Finnerty

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  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Claudia: (on phone in hospital bed) Yeah, Mom, she's seven pounds, six ounces. Oh yeah she's very cute. No I can't put her on the phone. First of all because she's one hour old. Second of all the nurses took her for some tests. (Sean walks in) Hey, listen, Sean's back so um tell Dad I love him.
      Sean: Hey babe.
      Claudia: Hey!
      Sean: Hey babe, I brought some balloons for the baby.
      Claude: Hey great she'll love them.

    • Mara Cruz: Is this seat taken?
      Walt: No Ma'am!
      (Laughing, hugging and kissing)
      Eddie: (to Claudia and Sean) See this kinda thing might have tipped us off.

    • Claudia: How can our daughter be graduating from High School, huh? We're too young for this. It seems like we just graduated from this place remember?
      Sean: Oh yeah, I remember. You were pregnant with Lily and you wanted me dead.
      Claudia: Well you knocked me up for Lily's graduation too. Sort of a poetry to that, don't you think?
      Sean: Maybe a dirty limerick.

    • Brad: Wow can you believe this will be the last time we'll be in this hallway?
      Lily: We have to come back tomorrow to give back our caps and gowns.
      Brad: No no that's outside the cafeteria. This is going to be the last time we'll be here, in this hallway, outside Annex Two.

    • Walt: Hey, son, that seat's saved.
      Eddie: For who?
      Walt: Somebody asked me to save a seat.
      Eddie: You're saving a seat for a stranger?
      Walt: I'm saving a seat for my girlfriend, ok? Wow! The ads in this program are in color!

  • NOTES (5)

    • First apperance by Richard Riehle (Walt) since the season 3 episode "Part Time Lover".

    • For the first and only time, Richard Rhiele is credited as a "Special Guest Star".

    • Gina Gallego receives the "Also Starring" credit.

    • Donal Logue (Sean), Megyn Price (Claudia), Kevin Fitzgerald Corrigan (Eddie), Lynsey Bartilson (Lily), Griffin Frazen (Jimmy), Bret Harrison (Brad), Miriam Flynn (Sister Helen) and JB Gaynor (young Eddie) appeared in every season.

      Donal Logue (Sean), Megyn Price (Claudia), Kevin Fitzgerald Corrigan (Eddie), Lynsey Bartilson (Lily) and Griffin Frazen (Jimmy) appeared in every episode.

    • Although it was rumored he would return for the series finale, Henry Finnerty played by Jake Burbage does not appear in this episode