Grounded for Life

Season 4 Episode 5

I Just Paid to Say I Love You

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 2003 on FOX

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  • "I just paid, to say how much i care,"

    Brad has trouble being romantic with Lily, he wants to take her to teh planetarium rather than a nice dinner. But after Claudia gives him the idea for a horse drawn carriage ride, Brad takes up the offer.

    "And if she changes her mind, the planeterium's right across the street!"

    But nothing goes right. Lily swallows a fly, on the ride, and hates the horse, and it slows down the rest of night. SO brad tries to rush them during dinner so Lily can see that he's really trying to be romantic by expressing his love for her over a marquee where everyone can see it. But of course Lily leaves before she can see.

    A really funny episode, as all of them are. And just makes us love Brad more for his efforts, and the way he fails. And added to the main plot, Henry also find a cat in the house that has swallowed something of value to Eddie. (the scene at the end with the guy that was paid to pretend to have lost the cat is so funny.)
  • Lily has gone too far with the way she treats Brad!

    This episode could have been good - the storyline had the potential to be funny but Lily has really pushed the limit with her awful treatment of Brad!!

    The plot line of Lily and Brad dating could be a very good moral lesson - Brad being the "dorky kid next door" and Lily falling in love with him regardless of how "uncool" it makes her look is a good thing to portray in today's society but I feel that by Lily treating him so badly and talking so rudely to him defeats the whole purpose. In this episode Brad tried to do something so beautiful for Lily and of course it got messed up - this is where it could have been humorous had Lily not been so mean. To have her a little upset because she did not know what was happening would have been fine but she gets down right mean and nasty! Why should he put up with that just because he isn't very popular? He shouldn't! It's better to be alone than to be treated that way! I feel that they could have Lily show she still is a little embarrassed by some of the dorky things Brad does without being so mean - it's too much! She is so self absorbed and doesn't care how much she hurts Brad, as long as she turns him into what she thinks he should be. Again, this could be such a great lesson to the teens of today if she would simply accept who he is - they took the good in this and turned it bad by letting Lily belittle Brad and basically turn him into something he is not. They took the lesson and threw it right out the window!