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Grounded for Life

Season 1 Episode 3

I Wanna Be Suspended

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 24, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jimmy's science project, a model of the solar system, is due and he's eager to get back from the street fair to finish it. However, when Sean and Claudia find out The Ramones are playing, Jimmy's science project is forced to wait. Sean decides to write a note to Jimmy's principal, Sister Helen, to explain that he felt it was more important for Jimmy to attend the concert than to finish his science project. The note only ends up getting Jimmy suspended. To make it up to him, Sean and Eddie take Jimmy to the Statue of Liberty -- again with disastrous results.moreless

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    A superb episode of Grounded for Life, man, I'm impressed with just the first couple episodes of Grounded for Life being so... well... good. I guess I've set my standards low after watching some of today's sitcoms. Don't get me wrong, not all are bad, but just some make you want to bash your head in to a wall. Grounded for Life was one of the best and most original family shows of all time, it wasn't generic, the writing was great, and the format of all the episodes were wildly original. That was the case in this episode. The episode starts out with Sean & Claudia looking for Jimmy, and we find out a lot more as the episode continues.

    From Jimmy getting suspended because of Sister Helen's argument with Sean which by the way was wildly entertaining -- to Sean & Eddie running up in a restricted area of the Statue of Liberty. This episode crossed all lines, and I think this episode just let me know I'd be a fan of this show for years to come.

    Great hilarious episode of Grounded for Life, not surprising.moreless
Richard Riehle

Richard Riehle

Walt Finnerty (Season 1-2, recurring otherwise)

Megyn Price

Megyn Price

Claudia Finnerty

Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan

Eddie Finnerty

Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson

Lily Finnerty

Donal Logue

Donal Logue

Sean Finnerty

Jake Burbage

Jake Burbage

Henry Finnerty (2001-2004)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Claudia: I gotta call work and tell them I'm gonna be a little bit late. (turns on the phone and hears modem)
      Lily: (from upstairs) Oh. I'm online!
      Claudia: Sorry!
      Lily: (walks downstairs) Oh, nice job! Disconnected!
      Claudia: Hey, wait. Shouldn't you be at school?
      Lily: I hope you're happy. I was uploading my homework. Now it's destroyed. The file is destroyed!
      Sean: You were in the Justin Timberlake chat room.
      Lily: You don't know that.

    • Claudia: Did you check the attic?
      Sean: No...
      Claudia: So your whole search process has consisted of walking around yelling Jimmy?
      Sean: No, I also swore a lot.

    • Sean: Hey Lily, you liked The Ramones didn't you?
      Lily: Well their music was good but I kept worrying they were gonna die.

    • Sister Helen: I don't care if it was the Ramones. I don't care if Jimi Hendrix rose from the grave. A concert is not as important as homework.
      Sean: Wait, wait. Even if Jimi Hendrix rose from the grave?
      Sister Helen: Well okay, that might be the exception.
      Sean: Ah-ha!
      Sister Helen: Well I'm a nun. I couldn't very well ignore a resurrection.

    • Sean: We go to all their farewell tours.
      Eddie: Yeah, you never know this could be the last one.

    • Lily: I don't want anybody from School to see me with them.
      Claudia: Why not?
      Lily: A tiger and a zebra? It's so gay.
      Sean: Whoa, that is not an appropriate thing to say.
      Jimmy: I'm gay 'cause I'm a zebra?
      Sean: No!
      Henry: Are tigers gay?
      Sean: No.
      Henry: What's gay?
      Sean: Nothing, Nothing's gay, Gay means happy. I'm gay. (Notices snow cone man giving him a weird look) But I'm seeing somebody right now.

    • Claudia: Oh yes this is very good. What better way of luring our son out of hiding, than the promise of his parents having sex?
      Sean: It's nothing he hasn't seen before.
      Claudia: Not a memory that's helping your cause.

    • Walt: Ah, you're not fat. You're a little stick girl. It's disturbing. (Looks at Sean and Claudia, because he has been criticizing their parenting.)
      Lily: Thank you, Grandpa.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Tag scene: Sean tries to help Jimmy with his solar system project, and teaches him about facts from a very outdated encyclopedia.

    • In the original Fox broadcast the Ramones song "I Wanna Be Sedated" played during the concert scene. For the Season 1 DVD and syndication,it was replaced with generic music (at 4:37). During a brief concert flashback a few minutes later (at 7:28) an instrumental song from the original broadcast was replaced with a different instrumental song for the DVD.

    • This episode had the family attending a Ramones concert. The next day, Lily was asked if she had liked the concert. Her original response was "Well, the music was good, but I was afraid someone was going to die". After the death of Joey Ramone, the Fox reruns re-dubbed the dialog into "Well, the music was good, but they were just ripping off Green Day." The Season 1 DVD, and the ABC Family reruns, retain the original line.

    • First apperance of Sister Helen.


    • Eddie: (in response to Sean's comment about theater) So where do we go now, Cappie?

      "Cappie" is a reference to the Critics and Awards Program for High School Students. It's meant to encourage high school students to get involved in theater. In this case, it is most likely referring to a Cappie Critic, a student who attends and reviews high school theatrical performances.

    • Eddie: During the French and Indian War they pretended it was a gift, and when we accepted it, French soldiers jumped out of it and kicked our ass.

      This is of course a reference to the Trojan Horse during the Trojan War from Virgil's The Aeneid

    • Title: I Wanna Be Suspended

      The title of this episode is derived from The Ramones' song "I Wanna Be Sedated".