Grounded for Life

Season 2 Episode 9

Is She Really Going Out with Walt?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 16, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Walt has romantic problems. His girlfriend dumped him (even though Sean insists that she was just a woman friend and not a girlfriend). Lily's depressed, because her best friend Kristina is hanging out with her next door neighbor Brad, who Lily insists is only a platonic friend. Walt had been hanging around Sean and Claudia's house so much that they decided he needed a hobby. He joins a bowling league which makes him happier than he's been in a long time. Sean and Eddie arrive at the bowling alley one day just in time to see Walt kissing Irene, the shoe lady. They're completely shocked and hide so Walt won't see them. Lily sends her brothers next door to find out what Brad and Kristina are doing. Jimmy and Henry give her a report, and she's convinced that her two friends were making out. Sean and Eddie convince themselves that Irene is nothing but trouble. Their dad, they think, is acting like a disgusting horndog. They're certain that Irene must be a gold digger. As soon as Walt leaves, they approach Irene. Eddie is so obnoxious to her that he's quickly ushered out of the bowling alley. Lily is looking over the fence when Brad comes over to return her book. Lily confesses that she's sad that he and Kristina were together, since she likes him. Brad is overjoyed and Lily immediately starts denying that she said anything. Irene shows up at the house and gives Sean a message for Walt. She can't see him anymore. Sean admits that Irene was a little freaked out when he answered the door saying that he's Walt's son. He eventually confesses that when Irene showed up at the door he called her a harlot, a temptress and a gold digger and slammed the door in her face. He also confesses to Walt that he's the one that chased Irene away. Walt says his sons had no right to interfere with his life. No one will ever take the place of their mother, but he has a right to a life too. Sean feels terrible and offers to go to the bowling alley tomorrow to apologize to Irene. Not tomorrow, says Walt. Sean's going right now. Walt says that Irene's kids were waiting outside the bowling alley to rough him up. It turns out these were the guys that roughed Eddie up. When they return they are all hungry and when they go to eat a meat loaf theirmother cooked before her death and has been frozen, Walt informs them it is the last thing they have that their mother made. They decide to go out to eat and Sean puts the meat loaf back in the freezer.
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