Grounded for Life

Season 3 Episode 5

Just Like a Woman

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 28, 2003 on FOX
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The boys mock Sean when he can't get the lugnuts off of the car, leaving him to have his wife attract a trucker's attention to change the flat tire while he sits in drag in the backseat. Elsewhere, Eddie holds a garage sale at Sean's house where he sells off hot merchandise and his brother's possessions, and he welcomes the kids to partake in the sale. But Lily is mortified when Brad buys her old bra from Eddie, then boasts to the school that he and Lily have slept together.moreless

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  • Brad steals Lilly's bra.

    This episode was pretty good, sort of a filler, the plot overall was not that intriguing i would have to say. But one thing made up for it. Was Lilly's hysterical dancing. And how Brad stole her bra, and you thought it was just another punchline when he bought the bra, he it turns out is developed in to a plot. And I like how Lilly just let it go in the end, and they ended up bonding which is always good. Sean's plot wasn't that funny. Dried a bit. Eddie holding a garage sale pieced the plot tie ins together. Pretty good.moreless
Megyn Price

Megyn Price

Claudia Finnerty

Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan

Eddie Finnerty

Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson

Lily Finnerty

Donal Logue

Donal Logue

Sean Finnerty

Jake Burbage

Jake Burbage

Henry Finnerty (2001-2004)

Griffin Frazen

Griffin Frazen

Jimmy Finnerty

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    • Sean: Now I know you think I'm a wuss and not a man, but that are lots of way to be a man. Now I could go upstairs right now and take a bubble bath and light candles and listen to Yanni and I'm not saying I will cause I don't like doing any of those things but if I did, it wouldn't make me any less of a man! (Leaves)
      Henry: God, what a wuss!
      Sean: I heard that!

    • Henry: You really drove a motorcycle into a pool?
      Sean: You better believe it.
      Jimmy: Were you wearing a helmet?
      Sean: I wasn't wearing anything.

    • Sean: Have a seat and a soda, you're gonna need a lot of liquids in you when I teach you how to spit and grab your crotch at the same time.
      Henry: Wow! I like both those things, but I never put 'em together before.

    • Sean: There's always a day in a boy's life when he sees his dad is not a hero. Like, I still remember seeing my dad with his toenails painted!
      Claudia: I thought Eddie did that when he was drunk!
      Sean: But the memory still burns!

    • Brad: I didn't say you cheated on him! I said it ended last summer when my passion just burned you out!

    • Sean: Eddie! Stop selling our stuff!
      Jimmy: Oooh, Dad's getting mad!
      Henry: The dress is coming off!

    • Lily: Keep laughing Jimmy. I'll dig your grave right next to Brad's!

    • Claudia: You helped out your family in a moment of crisis - whats more manly than that?
      Eddie: Not doing it in drag!

    • Sean: What\\\'s all this?
      Eddie: It\\\'s a bunch of my old junk. I\\\'m having a yard sale here tommorow.
      Sean: What you can\\\'t have it at your place?
      Eddie: Well yard sales make the neighborhood look low class.
      Sean: You live next to an adult bookstore!

    • Sean: What do I have in my car now? A Razor scooter, some diper wipes. . .
      Claudia: We haven't used diper wipes in like seven years
      Sean: Yeah, I need to clean that car out

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