Grounded for Life

Season 2 Episode 8

Let's Talk About Sex, Henry

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 02, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

When Jimmy starts sleeping on the couch and in the laundry room, anywhere but his bed, claiming that his bed is unclean, disgusting and gross, Eddie and Walt want to know what's up. Claudia is changing the sheets in the boys' room, when Sean comes in and moments later they're having sex on Jimmy's bed. They're mortified when Henry walks in and asks what they're doing. Eddie says that they've exposed Henry to a "primal scene" which means that he's likely to go insane. Walt says they're "deviant parents." Eddie informs Jimmy that if he only wants to sleep where his parents haven't had sex, he'd better forget about the couch. Sean assures Walt that he handled the situation through an open and honest discussion. Sean and Claudia didn't want to give Henry a complex. They didn't want to tell him that sex is bad, because it would just make him neurotic about it. After the talk, Sean felt like a great dad. But when Lily informs Sean that he's destroyed her babysitting business, because the word's out in the neighborhood that her parents are a couple of sex fiends, Sean isn't feeling quite as happy. And when Henry starts bragging at school about having seen his parents having sex, things are even worse. Brad O'Keefe tells Lily he can't see her anymore, because his parents consider her family a bad influence; Lily thanks her parents for getting her dumped from a relationship that she wasn't even in. Lily tells Jimmy he has a great opportunity to lay a guilt trip on their parents. They traumatized him, so now they owe him big time. Jimmy thinks maybe now's his chance to get a mountain bike. Walt can't believe that Henry is such a blabbermouth, but Sean offers no apologies. He doesn't want his kids to be ignorant and repressed. But Sean and Claudia are called to the school guidance counselor's office. The guidance counselor has already tested Henry and has led him into giving answers that make him seem disturbed. He chastises Sean and Claudia, but they are buying it. Sean says that maybe the problem is that the other parents should be talking more about sex to their kids. When Eddie finds out that Jimmy is trying to guilt his parents into a mountain bike, he suggests that Jimmy aim even higher and ask for a D-V-D player. Sean has only one word for Jimmy, no. But Claudia and Sean aren't so defiant when they learn that Henry has been placed in a special class for problem kids. Henry brings the kids home promising that they might have a chance to see his parents "doing it." The kids get sent home, and Sean makes a lengthy speech about not wanting to give Henry any hang-ups that Henry doesn't understand. Henry asks if it would be okay if he just didn't talk anymore about what he saw his parents doing.