Grounded for Life

Season 2 Episode 8

Let's Talk About Sex, Henry

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 02, 2002 on FOX

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  • Let's Talk About Sex, Henry

    A really strange episode for Grounded for Life, yet a very suitable one for the series. Now I'm not a huge fan of Henry, considering he's better off as a side character but this was one of the few instances where he was actually good center stage. As if it wasn't enough that Henry had to see his parents having sex, but then he tells the whole school? That was absolutely hilarious, and Grounded for Life was just so original here when it came to the cliche sex talks. We even got a flash back with Walt talking to Sean and Sean talking to Henry. Both conversations were absolutely hysterical. We've got some Brad & Lilly interactions but that's not what really shined here. What did was the interactions between Lilly & Jimmy. Lilly has hardly had contact with her two brothers and I thought it was great that she did here. Bottom Line, Grounded for Life took a cliche idea and made it completely original, not to mention, hilarious. This is exactly why Grounded will remain my absolute favorite family show even though it was always an underdog.