Grounded for Life

Season 2 Episode 8

Let's Talk About Sex, Henry

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 02, 2002 on FOX



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    • Eddie: Hey, that's a nice tattoo. Did you do that yourself?
      Held Back Kid: yeah
      Eddie: Why are you so into Satin?
      Held Back Kid: It says Satan.
      Eddie: You don't win the spelling bees do you?

    • Sean: I don't want Henry thinking "sexuality" is a dirty word.
      Walt: What are you talking about? It is the mother of all dirty words. All the other dirty words come from it.
      Eddie: I can think of one that doesn't. Oh no, that links up too.

    • Eddie: Jimmy, I got news for you. If you want to sleep somewhere where your parents haven't done it, I wouldn't get too comfortable on that couch.
      Sean: Hey, Eddie, Come on!
      Eddie: You might want to steer clear of the Lay-Z-Boy, and the piano, the table, and the front lawn.
      Claudia: All right that's enough!

    • Sean: Why'd they put him in 219? He's not a problem kid.
      Eddie: We weren't problem kids, we just marched to a different drummer.
      Claudia: You were in 219?
      Eddie: I started 219.
      Claudia: Sean, I don't want my baby in 219.
      Sean: You think I do?
      Eddie: I became a man in 219.

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  • Allusions

    • Let's Talk About Sex, Henry: Title

      The title of this episode is derived from the song "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby" by Salt N Peppa or "Let's Talk About Sex" by Bikini Kill.

    • Sean: They're called dragonballs, okay?

      This was a refernce to the popular anime show DragonballZ.