Grounded for Life

Season 1 Episode 7

Like a Virgin

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 28, 2001 on FOX

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    One of the best episodes of Grounded for Life, no doubt about it. Lynsey Bartilson and Donal Logue are the best things about this show. And usually I'm not a huge fan of interactions between Claudia & Lilly but this was really great here.

    From Claudia thinking she was talking to Lilly when Lilly was talking on the phone to Claudia flashing everyone on the freeway, this was a hilarious episode of Grounded for Life. Every joke worked perfectly, and it was just hysterical all the way through. I actually liked the girls' interactions better than the guys.

    Claudia & Lilly sexually harassing a bell boy was absolutely hilarious. We just got so much classic Grounded for Life here, too many scenes to count. As for the guys, Eddie liking Miami Heat and the not admitting it in the end was great. Henry & Jimmy even shined here.

    Great episode of Grounded for Life, this show at it's best.
  • Claudia wants to be Lily's friend and Sean just wants to watch the Knicks.

    This is a pretty good episode. This has some funny lines and just some great situations. This is defnitely during the early stuff when Lily because Claudia got all the attention.

    I loved it when Claudia has to drive down the turnpike in a robe and she just flashes the booth guys to get past. It was great because the first time was an accident but then after that she just pulls up opening her robe and calling the guy a pig.

    Eddie of course has to just cause problems with Sean. He roots for the Heat because they are playing against the Knicks. Jimmy chooses to go with Eddie because the Heat have a better name, cuz what's a Knick?

    Claudia coming in to help Lily sexually molest the room service guy was pretty funny. It would have been a little awkward but it still would be fun.

    Good episode.