Grounded for Life

Season 1 Episode 15

Love Child

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 23, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Sean, Claudia, Eddie, Walt and the kids are at a wedding reception. Lily overhears Claudia say that she was breast feeding Lily at her wedding. Lily can't believe her ears. Her whole life is a lie, she says. Sean tries to explain, but Lily says he always told her they fell in love, married and Lily was the product of their love. Sean says it's all true, just not in that order. when Lily hears that she was conceived in the back seat of a Chevy Nova, she storms away. Amy, one of the bridesmaids is madly attracted to Eddie, who's one of the groomsmen. Claudia observes that there's nobody more vulnerable than a single bridesmaid. Eddie admits that he slept with Amy the night before. Eddie tries to console Amy, but she reads more into it. She's love struck, and Eddie's oblivious. Sean continues telling Lily his and Claudia's story. Claudia, who's very upset, tells Sean that she's pregnant, but she gets no support from him, because he's stunned. Claudia angrily takes off. Eddie tells some kids at school that Claudia's pregnant. When she finds out that everyone knows, she freaks out. Walt demands that Sean marry the poor girl. Sean protests that he wouldn't consider doing otherwise. Of course he'll marry her. Then why, asks Lily, did she still end up illegitimate? Sean says that things didn't go as he'd planned. He goes to see Claudia at Bennetton where she's working. He made a mistake, he says, and now it's time to pay. He doesn't see Claudia as his punishment, but marriage certainly is. Claudia orders him out of the store. She refuses to marry him. Sean pursues another girl named Kasey and wakes up in the yard one morning with no pants and "Kasey" tattooed on his arm. He realizes what an idiot he's been. He tries unsuccessfully to talk to Claudia at graduation and shows up at Bennetton the next day refusing to leave until she talks to him. He loves her and wants to marry her. They'll only get married after the baby is born, Claudia says, because then it will be because they love each other. Eight months later they were married with Lily in Claudia's arms. Lily says she's marked forever as a bastard, but she does realize that in a weird way she's proof of her parents' love.
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