Grounded for Life

Season 4 Episode 19

Me and Mrs. O

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 20, 2004 on FOX

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  • Brad O\'Keefe, Lilly\'s boyfriend, is upset on his birthday because his parents had recently divorced because of Brad\'s dad cheating... But why does everything go haywire? Find out here!

    Lilly Finnerty is trying to set an awesome birthday party for her boyfriend Brad. Brad, who is sad because of his parents\' recent divorce, doesn\'t seem happy about the party. Connie,
    Brad\'s mother, talks to Claudia (Lilly\'s Mom) about her divorce. Connie explains that she likes nuts in her brownies, but doesnt put them in because her ex-husband doesnt like them. Claudia quotes \"Go and you some nuts\" . When Sean goes to buy candy for the pinata he sees Eddy (Sean\'s brother) and Ms. O\'Keefe making out in Eddy\'s car. Ms. O\'Keefe took Claudia\'s advice the wrong way and everything went Haywire. Meanwhile Jimmy is shaving to get girls to like him. I really liked this episode!
  • during Brad's Bday party Sean trys to bring Brad's parents back together.

    Brad is unhappy with the fact his Dad cheated on his mom,his dad regrets it and his mom(Connie) is lonely.

    Sean has a "Plan" to bring Dan(Brad's dad) and Connie together.

    ok,i won't give a summary just part by part.

    Claudia fills a alein piñata with fruit.

    sean couldn't get the Candy cause he dropped it while watching Edddie make out with Connie.

    Brad's cake says Bra...eww

    Jimmy trys to shave to impress Ashley-very bloody.

    Edddie gets Brad a hokey stick for a present-very obvious.

    Claudia thinks Sean's plan is stupid.

    Brad's geeky friends talk about how last year Brad's bday was at Chuckie Cheese.

    Apparently Claudia gave bad addvice to Connie,"Sister,it's time u go out and get some!"

    Brad's dad doesn't like Nuts in Brownies,i didn't think Connie liked Caludia.

    Connie's all happy but Eddie doesn't like her and Sean knows their kissing will get in the way of his "plan".

    Lily sees Edddie and Connie kissing again.

    She sadly tells Brad who takes it bad,duh!

    Brad takes his anger out on a piñata,that scares Henry.

    which hurts him more is the piñata was full of fruit.

    Brad almost attacks Eddie with the bat but Eddie convices him he doesn't have to worry about his parents.

    Brad stupidly thinks Claudia was trying to suduce him-she's was trying to comfort him!

    Dan comes over,with flowers to talk to Connie,she stomps them.

    the others worry about leavinf Dan and Connie alone,Brad jumps in their to see-

    -his parents making out,they still wuv each other.

    which makes Brad happy,so happy he jumps on his Parents.

    Dan-get off us ya itdiot,were trying to make-out!
    Happy Brad-i love u too,Dad!

    Lily drags him off,Sean-0H-YEAH!what do u think about my stupid plan now?
  • Another really funny episode.

    It is nice to see that Lily wants to do something for Brad, for once. He always tries so hard to please her, and she rarely reciprocates. Of course, she still has to compliment herself for being the good girlfriend, even though Claudia is doing all the work. Knowing that he would want a grey alien, rather than a green alien, was funny. It means she actually listens to him, too, even about geeky things like government and alien conspiracy theories.

    The plot line with Jimmy and shaving was funny. But what happened to Courtney? Why was he trying to hit on another girl?
  • The reason that this episode was so great in my eyes is because of all the funny moments, other than one solid funny episode.

    The episode after Mrs. O'Kiefe realizes that her husband has been having an affair. It is Brad's party and Sean invites Mr. O'Kiefe even though he knows that Mrs. O'Kiefe is going to be there to. It is a ll part of his 'plan' to get them back together. On the way to picking up candy for the piñata, Sean sees his brother Eddie making out with Mrs. O'Kiefe. So when he gets home he only has a couple pices of candy for the piñata, having dropped all the rest because of see what Eddie did. Claudia and Sean put cough drops and fruit in the piñata instead. Also, Lily sees what happened a nd tells Brad, which nearly ruins his party. Jimmy tries to hit on Lily's friend Ashley again, and ends up trying to shave and makes a whole mess of everything. When all hope of the O'Kiefes re-uniting seems to be lost, Brad sees his parents kissing and jumps on them with happyness. Meanwhile, Henry is very angry when he finds fruit in the piñata instead of candy.