Grounded for Life

Season 2 Episode 11

Mr. Roboto

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 30, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

While trying to figure out what Eddie's doing with a van full of lobsters, Sean's telling Walt that Jimmy's very upset, because he got an "F" on his science project. Lily, an alternate on the school dance squad, learns that one squad member just broke her leg and now Lily's in. Claudia thinks Lily's gleefulness is unseemly in light of her friend's misfortune. Walt says he never thought he'd see the day that Jimmy would get an "F." Claudia says he didn't get it all by himself. Sean protests that he's a dad, and he likes to help his kids with their homework. When Jimmy's struggling with building a robot for his science project and asks Sean if he knows anything about electricity, Sean says he's just the guy to help; he knows everything about electricity. But Sean completely takes over the project while a frustrated Jimmy sits and watches. Lily remembers that Eddie is the only person who gave her any sympathy when she only made alternate on the dance squad. He even asked about her teacher and said that you never know what will happen. It seems as if Eddie actually knew what was going to happen. A horrified Lily begins wondering if Eddie could have possibly given her classmate, Kelli, a little help in breaking her leg. Sean gets so involved in building Jimmy's robot that he takes a day off work to finish it. Sean's triumphant when the robot actually moves. When Lily questions Eddie, he admits that he had a strong hunch that things were going to work out for her. Now she's even more nervous. As Sean continues to fine tune the robot, Claudia tells him that no one's going to believe that a twelve-year-old built it. He's going to get nailed if he doesn't at least take off the "sparky" thing he put on it. Sean protests that that's what makes it cool. When it's time to display the science projects, St. Finian's gym is filled kids and fathers. There are at least a dozen robots that are far superior to Jimmy's. The proud fathers look on. Sean is very upset. Lily asks Claudia if she thinks Eddie is capable of doing something really bad, something illegal. Sure, says Claudia. What about breaking Kelli's leg? Lily has visions of Eddie running her down with his car. Claudia says she'll ask Eddie if Lily wants her to. Sean gets more and more frustrated as Jimmy's classmates show off their robots and collect prizes. The fathers are positively gloating. Sean creates a scene by saying that the whole thing's a farce. The kids didn't build their own robots; it isn't possible. He'll be the first to confess that he built his kid's robot, so who's next? Everyone just stares at him, and Jimmy gets an "F." And Lily finds out that Eddie did, in fact, help her out, but he did it by sleeping with her dance coach.