Grounded for Life

Season 1 Episode 14

Mrs. Finnerty, You've Got a Lovely Daughter

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 16, 2001 on FOX
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When Lily is miserable because she and her girlfriends have been booed off the stage at the school's talent show, Sean and Claudia have some explaining to do. Meanwhile, the Finnerty's get roped into buying cases of candy bars that the boys are selling for school.

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    Just a hilarious episode of Grounded for Life here, the interactions between Lilly & Sean were just divine. And exaggeration is taken to a whole new level when Sean tells how Lilly looked while singing "Big Spender." It was absolutely hysterical. The manipulation of Sister Helen and her singing along to "Big Spender" was hilarious development, and this was just a great episode overall.

    Season 1 may be the best season of Grounded for Life, and here's why: The interactions between the family are fresher, the cuts and the back and forth story telling is very well executed in the first season, and the more immature Lilly is, the funnier it gets, and we see that in the first season because everyone is younger.

    Lilly's performance was astonishing and wildly entertaining. I'm utterly shocked that Lynsey Bartilson can't catch a break when it comes to getting casted in a new sitcom, because she was just great on this show. Overall, a great memorable episode of this beloved series.moreless
  • Lily preforms in the talent show.

    This episode is hilarious and that song gets stuck in your head. As always Shawn gets himself in trouble with the Nuns when Lily's act is considered lewd and he doesn't think so, but he comes to see that it is and tries buying his way out of it with candy bars. He is really funny as the concerned father and Lily's singing is really good in the episode and it really showcases her talent. Eddie is hilarious in this episode as always and Henry and Jimmy are really funny. All in all this is a really great episode and the song is done really well,moreless
  • When Lily and her friends decide to perform a very racy dance to "Big Spender" for the talent show, they're in for some crazy feedback from the audience.

    This was one of the best episodes ever! Lily's outrageous dance was hilarious. And her singing wasn't bad, either. The choreographer for this episode was nomianted for an Emmy, for Lily's (Lynsey Bartilson) performance. The best thing about this episode, was that she was performing this dance for her CATHOLIC school's talent show. While performing, boys from Lily's school start yelling suggestive things to her, and they're cheering her on. Her over-protective parent intervine, and the boys start booing Claudia and Sean, but Lily thinks that the boys are booing her...You're sure to get a whole lot of laughs out of this episode!moreless
Richard Riehle

Richard Riehle

Walt Finnerty (Season 1-2, recurring otherwise)

Megyn Price

Megyn Price

Claudia Finnerty

Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan

Eddie Finnerty

Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson

Lily Finnerty

Donal Logue

Donal Logue

Sean Finnerty

Jake Burbage

Jake Burbage

Henry Finnerty (2001-2004)

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    • Claudia: What can you do to cheer [Lily] up?
      Eddie: I'm gonna take a section of an orange peel, put it in my mouth, and act like a monster.
      Sean: No thanks. Eddie: It makes all my friends laugh. Sean: Your friends are all baked. Eddie: That doesn't mean they're not a deserving audience!

    • Eddie: What did Lily do? Did she tear up a picture of the pope or something?
      Claudia: No.
      Eddie: Good. Cause that's been done.

    • Eddie: But I'll give you one piece of advice, aim low, that way you don't end up so dissapointed.
      Lily: But I thought I could be anything I dream?
      Eddie: No, that's crap. If people could be anything they dream, the world would be full of movie stars and astronauts; and then who would make the sandwiches?

    • (Jimmy watching the girls perform Big Spender)
      Jimmy: I don't know why, but I want to give that one my allowance.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Tag scene: Henry tries to teach Walt a joke.

    • The highlight of this episode is Lily (Lynsey Bartilson) doing a song & dance number to "Hey, Big Spender" from the Broadway play "Sweet Charity." This episode is directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega (Dirty Dancing, Newsies, Xanadu), who recieved a 2001 Emmy nomination for his choreography.


    • Eddie: I'm going to take a section of orange peel, put it in my teeth, and act like a monster.

      This is from a scene in The Godfather.

    • Mrs. Finnerty, You've Got a Lovely Daughter: Title

      The title of this episode is derived from the song 'Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter' by Herman's Hermits.