Grounded for Life

Season 3 Episode 2

Mustang Lily

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Money is tight in the Finnerty household to the point that Sean has even been dipping into the kids' college funds. Claudia says the solution is simple: Ask her dad for a loan. Sean says no way, because every time he accepts something from her dad, it costs him a piece of his soul. But when Henry announces that the Tooth Fairy has left him a coupon for a free appetizer at the Olive Garden, Sean relents. When Sean asks his father-in-law Tony for five thousand dollars, Tony says he'll have to sleep on it. Sean's stunned when he finds out that Tony has given Lily a classic cherry red Mustang. Sean tells Eddie that Tony's so manipulative. Tony knows that Sean's always loved that car, and now he gives it to Lily who can't possibly appreciate it. And besides, Sean should be the one to give Lily her first car. Eddie thinks Sean's just being paranoid, and, later, Claudia has no patience whatsoever with Sean's story that Tony is trying to mess with him. Jimmy tells Henry that there's no Tooth Fairy, and Henry says he's a liar. But Jimmy shows Henry a jar of teeth and says that their parents are the Tooth Fairies, broke Tooth Fairies. Having their grandfather for a Tooth Fairy might be different. Later, Henry shows Tony a tooth, and Tony says he'll try to get in touch with the Tooth Fairy. Sean tells Claudia that he's going to take the Mustang out for a little drive, just to see Tony's reaction. Tony tells Lily that he's sure Sean will smash up the car. A few minutes later Sean and Claudia are out joyriding in the Mustang. The next morning Henry shows everyone the twenty dollars that the Tooth Fairy left him. Sean takes Lily aside and confesses that although he didn't smash up her car, something happened to it. In fact, he wagered the car in a street race with a punk named Eugenio…and lost! Lily can't believe it; she didn't even have a chance to show off the car at school. Jimmy and Henry stage a fake accident with a hockey stick in hopes of getting a giant pay-off from the Tooth Fairy but Tony doesn't buy it. Claudia comes in with Eddie and breathlessly reports that the Mustang is outside. Claudia says it's Eddie's doing, but Eddie says Claudia did her part, and she was brilliant. The two of them went out and found Eugenio, and Claudia convinced him to take her for a ride in the Mustang and when he got out of the car for a second, she peeled off. Congratulations are in order. Tony comes in, and Sean says that he (Sean) won. Tony said he'd smash up the car, and it's sitting at the curb all in one piece. Tony admits that he underestimated Sean. As a matter of fact, he's going to lend him the five thousand. And Lily takes the Finnertys out for a drive in her new Mustang.