Grounded for Life

Season 3 Episode 2

Mustang Lily

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Stephen Root drops in for a second appearance as Claudia's father, Tony. His first appearance was in "I Fought the In-Laws."

  • Quotes

    • Tony: You can't get a decent bagel in New York.
      Sean: What?
      Tony: No you want a real bagel, you come see me down in North Carolina.
      Sean: Wait a minute are you crazy? This is New York City!
      Tony: There's no better bagel than this place in Wilmington called "Brooklyn Bagels".
      Sean: Brooklyn, New York.
      Tony: It's just a name, Sean.

    • (Eugino revs his cars engine)
      Sean: I'm sorry did someone turn on a blender?

  • Notes

    • Tag scene: Jimmy accidentally knocks Henry's tooth out, but Tony doesn't believe them.

    • Yet another That '70s Show cast member drops in for a guest appearance. Wilmer Valderrama guest stars in this episode. Previously two of his '70s co-stars appeared -- Danny Masterson in "Baby You Can't Drive My Car" and Ashton Kutcher in "Dust in the Wind."

  • Allusions

    • Sean: We ran into these gang banging guys in this blue rice rocket kinda like "The Fast and The Furious".

      "The Fast and The Furious" was a movie about underground street racing. It was a major success and starred Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

    • Sean: That kid from Nsync is gonna go up into space.

      Lance Bass from Nsync was planning on going into space. However he was unable to meet the physical requirements and did not ever make the trip.

    • Sean: It's good to see you guys I thought Menudo broke up. Is Ricky back there?

      Menudo was a spanish pop boy band. Ricky Martin was a member who went on to have success as a solo artist.

    • Mustang Lily: Title

      The title of this episode is derived from the song "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett

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