Grounded for Life

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • The Finnerty's yell and argue there way to family joy

    This show is really funny and realistic in an outrageous kind of way. Sean, the head of the family, is really hilarious and all of his yelling and irrational decision making leads to a lot of really funny situations. His constant fights with Sister Helen are classic and are really hilarious. Claudia is great as the teenage mother at 30 who is trying to deal with all the craziness around her. Eddie adds so much comedy to this show with all of his shady dealings and his crazy girlfriends. I love how he ends up with Crazy Amy at the end who mixes really well with his personality.
    The kids are also really great. Henry the youngest added a lot of easy humor to the show and he was at his best when he was on the drug squad and trying to bust his father. Jimmy's character develops a lot from the dorky youth whose afraid of everything to the dorky horny teen. He gave that character depth even thought my description didn't.
    And finally Lily who was as outrageous as Sean in this series and she brings a lot of humor to the show. A lot of times when women are in comedies they only play off the other characters but she creates a lot of humor on her own. I loved all of her boyfriends especially Dean and Brad. Brad was a constant on the show that led to a lot of great moments.
    Overall a really great family comedy that is more grown up.