Grounded for Life

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • An Irish Catholic family goes through funny stories in New York.

    Sean and Claudia Finnerty live in Staten Island, New York. They have 3 kids; Lily, Jimmy, and Henry. Also living with them and stopping by is Sean's father Walt Finnerty and Sean's brother Eddie Finnerty. I started watching the show when it debuted on Fox and I thought it was really funny. It was a good show to kill time with when nothing better was on. It was a good comedy with funny plots. I guess people just never picked up on it or they didn't find it when it was on. The show was different to me, The plot a lot of times had actually happened in the past and they were discussing about it in the present, till they caught up and figured out what to do. When the show moved to CW, It was on Friday nights, and I was never around to see it and it was eventually canceled. Overall I graded it a 7.5 out of 10.