Grounded for Life

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • Decent show.

    In a sea of various sitcoms, this one really stood out because it had a different format than the others. The reason why I liked it was because of the way they told the story. I would lie if I said that I wanted the show to go on, because I felt that they told everything they could have in their five seasons.

    The character were very great - each one of them had something that I really loved and what caused me to tune back every time it aired: Sean's protectiveness and the fact that he always got into trouble; Claudia being a sexy mom, yet acting like a teenager at time; Jimmy and Henry growing up into young men, each in their own way - I preferred Henry because he was really quirky. The only character that I didn't really like that much was Eddie. Lily was also an okay character, kinda annoying at times, but otherwise tolerable. Also, Brad was a great addition to the cast.

    I loved the show during its 90-or-so episodes, and it is definitely one of the better sitcoms - still, it is kinda lost in the sea of other sitcoms.