Grounded for Life - Season 2

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • 5/8/02
    A home-pregnancy test in the trash has Sean convinced Lily is with child, but it may be Claudia who has something unexpected to tell him. Meanwhile, Lily learns the truth about the musical circumstances surrounding her birth; and Jimmy sings the blues about the zit that is taking over his face.moreless
  • Dust in the Wind
    Episode 21
    Sean and Eddie plan to honor their late cousin's wishes by scattering his Tupperware-borne ashes over the old water tower; Lily meets a cute guy at the funeral.
  • 4/24/02
    The minor insults of Claudia's visiting parents get so far under an insecure Sean's skin that it starts to look like he's gone out of his mind. Meanwhile, karaoke leads to an unlikely liplock between Brad and Lily.
  • 4/17/02
    Sean winds up in jail for buying some shady diamond earrings for Claudia from Eddie's so-called "connection"; Lily protests the nuns's donkey-basketball game.
  • Swearin' to God
    Episode 18
    Sean exploits a nun's foulmouthed slip of the tongue to get Claudia and the kids everything they've ever wanted from St. Finnian's.
  • 4/3/02
    Eddie baby-sits for Sean and Claudia, and they return from a weekend in Atlantic City to find that their house is trashed. Sean brags about all the money he won at blackjack, but Claudia finds out that he hasn’t been telling the whole story.
  • Relax!
    Episode 16
    Sean tries to talk a gay co-worker into coming out of the closet before it gets out that Sean has already done it for him. Meanwhile, Lily's ready to rumble for her man after realizing that women keep hitting on Dean.
  • Safety Dance
    Episode 15
    While Sean and Claudia are chaperoning at Lily's school dance, Sister Helen catches Lily and Dean red-handed with a bottle of liquor while they are making out. Lily insists she is innocent and that the booze is not hers. But it comes as a surprise to both Lily and Sister Helen when the real culprit is revealed. Meanwhile, Eddie has taken to using Walt as his goon to shake down his shady business associates.moreless
  • 2/20/02
    Sean accepts a challenge from his obnoxious neighbor, Mr. O'Keefe, for a boxing match. But he has second thoughts when he discovers Eddie's tried to fix the fight. Meanwhile, Claudia becomes enraged when she learns about a rumour that she's had breast enhancement surgery.
  • 2/13/02
    Lily's compulsive credit-card usage sinks Sean's plans to take Henry and his friends to a pricey waterpark; Eddie refuses to open up to his family about the contents of his mysterious locked box.
  • 2/6/02
    Sean's takes a swing at tree surgery and ends up causing a blackout during the superbowl. But his biggest concern is what he saw through Lily's window while chopping the tree -- Lily holding a bag of pot. But what's even more shocking is where Lily got the weed: out of Sean's closet. With the blackout, Dan O'Keefe moves his Superbowl party to the Finnerty home, where they listen to a play-by-play given by Jimmy from his 5-inch TV.moreless
  • Mr. Roboto
    Episode 11
    Jimmy and his class are having a robot science fair. Sean goes all out to create a "first place" robot for Jimmy. When the judge of the fair calls Jimmy's robot "substantial robot" and "you could prop a door wide open with this!" Sean stands up and admits that he made his son's robot. He requests that the other parents do the same (It's obvious that the other robots were made by the parents.) In the end, Jimmy and his robot, fight Benji (his classmate) and his robot in a robot battle!moreless
  • We Are Family
    Episode 10
    A favor for Claudia's well-connected Uncle Sal (Vincent Pastore) goes awry, leading Sean to fear that the guy may be a goodfella. Meanwhile, Brad is more than willing to share a shower with Lily after a plumbing problem leaves the Finnertys all wet.
  • 1/16/02
    The Finnertys' plan to push Walt back into the social scene backfires when he's social with a lady they don't like. Meanwhile, Lily fears that her bad behavior has thrust Brad into Kristina's arms.
  • 1/2/02
    After Henry unexpectedly catches Sean and Claudia having sex, Sean is determined to handle the inevitable topic of the birds and the bees with Henry in a better way than Walt did with he and Eddie. After having a father/son talk with Henry about sex, Sean feels good about how he handled things. When Sean and Claudia catch word that they have a "reputation", they discover that Henry told his entire class about what he caught Sean and Claudia doing, forcing them to do some damage control.moreless
  • 12/19/01
    Sean gets ticked off with Walt, who's playing Santa Claus, when he promises Henry a $350 Astro Jammer Battle Buggy for Christmas. So Sean responds by bringing violence to Santaland. Meanwhile Lily tries to figure out if the blurry giftcard on her boxershorts reads "from Brad" or "from Dean."
  • 12/12/01
    During a stressful day at work, Claudia takes a puff of a co-worker's cigarette which quickly turns into an entire cigarette and then a daily habit. Desperate to keep her smoking habit from Sean and the kids, Claudia tries her best to smoke without being found out, but she's busted by Lily, who agrees to keep her secret -- for a price. Meanwhile, after setting a date with Dean on her new cell phone, Lily is humiliated to find out Dean heard her gushing about him when the phone didn't turn off.moreless
  • Bang On the Drum
    Episode 5
    Sean and Eddie revive their old high school band to play a wedding reception, but Sean gets nervous when Lily seems way too interested in their hot new drummer.
  • Rubber Sold
    Episode 4
    Sean freaks out over Lily's attending a bash at Brad's after he spots the nerdy neighbor stocking up on certain sexy party supplies.
  • 11/21/01
    Claudia is shocked to discover porn on Jimmy's computer, and insists that she and Sean confront him about it, but Sean wants to ignore the situation. Meanwhile, Lily gives Jimmy a picture of Sister Helen which they doctor and use as an e-mail joke. But when the e-mail is sent to Sister Helen, things aren't so funny anymore.moreless
  • Dream On
    Episode 2
    Claudia's erotic dream about Eddie has Sean seeing red, so he sets out to reignite the passion with his wife. Meanwhile, Henry decides to make "candy apples" out of anything he can find; and Lily and her friend Allison unknowingly get drunk on apple cider.
  • 9/26/01
    After the family car goes missing one night, the Finnertys find themselves at an impasse: Sean is in mourning over the loss, while Claudia hopes to gain from a slightly inflated insurance claim. But when the battered remains of the car are towed to the house a few days later, it becomes clear that Lily has been covering her tracks about an ill-fated joyride -- and the reason why her parents have to buy the missing parts from Eddie's maniacal mechanic.moreless
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