Grounded for Life

Season 5 Episode 1

The Policy of Truth

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 17, 2004 on FOX

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  • Season 5 Premiere

    After one of the best finales this show has ever had last season, we get a really strong premiere. Even though Claudia getting pregnant in the first episode of the season was just to have a final arc to close the series with, it worked. Sean hiding Claudia's pregnancy was very ironic and humorous.

    I always enjoy the Lilly & Brad plots the best in the later seasons considering how dramatic and over the top Lynsey Bartilson can be, and this episode perfectly shows those characteristics. We got a feel on how the rest of the season will be like. Brad & Lilly broken up, Single Eddie, Claudia & Sean with a baby on the way.

    A great premiere, that introduced us to many story lines, and Mila Kunis was another highlight, and I always smile when she's on screen considering how great her acting can be sometimes. Mila Kunis was great on That 70s Show, and she was great here.
  • When Claudia's doctor calls and Sean takes the call, he learns that she's pregnant with their 4th child. He doesn't want to tell her, because HE's the reason she's pregnant; he told her that she couldnt get pregnant in a hot tub.

    This was one of my favorite episodes, but then again I love all the episodes...Well, Claudia's doctor calls and Sean picks up the phone, and the doctor tells him that what they thought was a stomach virus, is actually a baby. Sean is afraid to tell Claudia, (because he told her that she couldn't get pregnant in water) and figures that she'll figure out...eventually. After telling his brother, Eddie, Eddie tells Claudia, and Claudia confronts Sean. After leading us to believe that she didn't want another child, the two excitedly hug and talk about how much easier it'll be since they've had 3 others to learn from. I loved this episode, especially when Claudia jumped up and hugged Sean, after leading us to believe that she didn't want another kid...It was a very happy moment. :)
  • Another candidate for The Island of Misfit Sitcom Characters.

    First there was Chuck Cunningham, who was bumped by the Fonz & was told to "Sit on it".

    Next it was Judy Winslow, who was bumped by all-time nerd Steve Urkel (Did I do that?).

    Then it was Brendan Lambert who was bumped by the new baby, Lilly.

    Now, Henry Finnerty joins them as they live in The Island of Misfit Sitcom Characters!

    That's why my loyalty switched to Complete Savages. Didn't matter because both shows were canned.