Growing Pains

Season 3 Episode 6

Big Brother is Not Watching

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1987 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ben wants a new bike, which Jason and Maggie (predictably) refuse to buy for him. Instead of Mike, this time, Ben talks to Carol about what he should do. instead of Mike for help. She recommends holding his own raffle: $1 per ticket for all the other kids at his school, with his old bike going to the winner. Ben loves the idea and gives it a shot. Unfortunately, he winds up selling only three tickets: one to his friend Jody; the others to a couple of bullies (who also happen to be brothers), who turn around and threaten to beat up anybody else who buys a ticket at school. When Jason and Maggie learn what's been happening, being Jason and Maggie, they initially blame Mike for giving Ben the idea (because any non-sanctioned raffle is illegal)...discovering only later that, actually, Carol did so. On the day of the drawing, Ben (miraculously) draws Jody's number; she wins the bike, and Jason drives away both bullies by threatening to call the police. Jody, however, turns out to be not much more of a friend than the bullies; instead of returning Ben's old bike or making a fair trade, she rides off with it. So Ben is left with $3 and no bike at all. Carol is disciplined by Jason and Maggie for putting the idea in Ben's head; however, despite her standing for years as the "perfect" child in the Seaver brood, she has actually enjoyed this walk on the proverbial wild side.