Growing Pains

Season 2 Episode 4

Call Me

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1986 on ABC

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  • eh

    Awww. The sex episode. An interesting way to bring it up. It was a bit of amusing to hear them do it in a flashback. I loved Ben's thought at the end of how easy it was for him to get the number. The only thing I didn't really appreciate was the lightness with the way they took the guy who spanked the son. I mean okay yes you should punish kids when they do something wrong, but spanking a child so hard it hurts to sit down is in no way amusing. That whole "gag" really bothered me. And I know they tried to stop him from doing it, in a way, but they let him get away with it. There was no, that's not right. They just let it go. A bit of a disappointment.