Growing Pains

Season 5 Episode 3

Carol Meets the Real World

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1989 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When Carol's enrollment to Columbia University is deferred three months, Jason suggests she get a temporary job to get a taste of real life.

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      • Carol: Was that the mailman leaving?
        Mike: Not even a hello for your dear, sweet brother?
        Carol: Hello. Was that the mailman leaving?
        Mike: Carol, your lack of sincerity wounds me.
        Carol: (lifts him by his hair) Mike, where's the stinkin' mail???

      • Carol: (checks mail) It's not here. Again, it's not here.
        Mike: Well, don't worry, Carol. Maybe tomorrow, you'll get that letter from, uh, 116th and Broadway, New York City, 10027.
        Carol: You have it!
        Mike: A lot of women say that.

      • Mike: Okay, what if I had seen this alleged letter?
        Carol: Thick or thin?
        Mike: You or the letter?

      • Jason: (reading letter) "So due to unexpectedly high enrollment, we're forced to defer a certain amount of freshmen until the winter semester."
        Maggie: How dare they defer my brightest child?
        Mike: I am in the room, here.
        Jason: We know that, Mike.

      • Jason: Honey, I think the important thing for Carol to understand here is that this little hitch is just one of those bumps in the rocky road of life that over the long haul makes us a better driver. Confident that we can handle our rig.
        Maggie: Jason, I don't think Carol's going to have any use for truck talk.

      • Carol: Wait till you hear how I'm gonna spend the next three months—matriculating at Alf Landon Junior College. I'll take a double course load 'cause the work couldn't be very challenging. Mike goes there.

      • Carol: Mike, do you have the new Landon course catalog?
        Mike: Yeah, but I'm using it.
        Carol: For what, keep your table legs even?

      • Carol: Well, I've decided to take some courses there this semester.
        Mike: Yeah, right.
        Carol: I'm serious, Mike. You and I will both be matriculating at Alf Landon this fall.
        Mike: (cocks his head at parents and mutters) Shhh! Carol!
        Carol: It means "going there".

      • Jason: Carol, why would you go there? I'm sorry, Mike. I didn't mean to insult your alma mater.
        Mike: Uh huh.
        Carol: It means your school.
        Mike: (insulted) Oh!

      • Carol: Mike, don't worry. I'll only be there for a few months. Then you'll have the rest of your seven or eight years there to yourself.
        Mike: I don't feel like having you matriculating all over my alma mater!

      • Ben: I just want somebody to explain to me how come after all those years of Mike doing nothing and Carol working her bu... working hard, how did they both end up at the same school? I mean, this isn't giving me much of an incentive.

      • Jason: And Alf Landon is certainly a great, you know, 'get ready for college' kind of college.
        Mike: A 'get ready for college' kind of college?
        Jason: And Mike, it's not, I'm not saying it's not a real college. It is accredited, it has freestanding buildings...

      • Carol: I mean, how can I go to a school that has an exchange program with a prison?
        Jason: That's a work-study program, and from what your brother tells me, a lot of those girls have been able to turn their lives around.

      • Jason: Come on, honey, it's only for three months.
        Carol: But three months without papers or tests or homework, without the jealousy of my peers!

      • Jason: Well, Carol, you know there's gonna come a time in your life when school isn't part of it.
        Carol: When?
        Jason: What do you plan to do after Columbia?
        Carol: Go to graduate school.
        Jason: Yeah, and after that?
        Carol: Get my doctorate.
        Jason: And then what?
        Carol: A doctorate's not enough for you???

      • Jason: Carol, no, I'm talking about the university of life.
        Carol: Is this a religious institution?

      • Maggie: Carol, I can just tell that you are gonna hit that company like a ton of bricks and knock the publishing world on its ear.
        Mike: Benny, I got the best joke right now and I can't do a thing about it.

      • Maggie: Your father and I are so proud of you!
        Carol: Yeah, but you're proud of Mike, too. Let's go.
        Ben: She's got a point.

      • Carol: And what about punctuation?
        Ike: Ah. That is not our business. That belongs to those punks in the punctuation department, period. Forget I said that.

      • Maggie: Wait till you see the outfit I bought Carol.
        (Carol walks in wearing the exact same outfit as Maggie)
        Jason: I've never seen anything like it!

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