Growing Pains

Season 5 Episode 6

Carol's Papers

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The actress who plays Marlene, Tracy Wells, starred in Mr. Belvedere, as Heather Owens. This was played on by Ben, as he states that Marlene looks "just like the girl in Mr. Belvedere."

    • We learn in this episode that Ben's friend Stinky has a brother named Funky.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Dewitt: Ever heard this before? "Finally, we have a society in which I, a woman, can be feminine yet forceful. Free to run a corporation and still experience the wonder and beauty of giving birth".
      Carol: Well, sure! That was part of my valedictory address.
      Mr. Dewitt: Ah, ha! I knew Jimmy Droppo wasn't about to experience the wonder and beauty of diddly!

    • Jason: There are two ways we can go on this. You can either make some cock and bull story. I'll get the truth eventually, Mike, and you will be severely punished!
      Ben: Or?
      Jason: Or you can tell me the exact truth, as it happened, and I'll punish you severely!

    • Marlene: So, you free tonight?
      Ben: Uh, free, tonight? Why?
      Marlene: Well, I figure we could go out. There's this great movie I've already seen at the drive in.
      Ben: But if you're already seen it... Ohhhhh!

    • Mr. Dewitt: I just want to apologize to you two young people.
      Marlene: Mr. Dewitt, we were just on our...
      Mr. Dewitt: No, no, Marlene. As the principal, it's my fault. The engraved invitations to class were delayed at the printer. So we've been relying on that annoying bell to let folks know when our sessions begin. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

    • Mike: Hey, guys, you mind if I watch TV down here? I just set off a bug bomb in my apartment.
      Carol: Well, why didn't you just ask your friends to leave?

    • Maggie: Mr. Dewitt, what are you doing here?
      Mr. Dewitt: Oh, working after hours without any overtime thanks to the wisdom of the voters of our community, but why get into that?

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