Growing Pains

Season 5 Episode 12

Carol's Promotion

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The character of Mr. Littlefield, who identifies his first name as being Warren, is an homage to VP at rival network NBC Warren Littlefield, who developed sitcoms and at the time of this episode's airing was soon to become their entertainment president.

  • Quotes

    • Lesley: (meeting new boss Carol) You know, I expected a guy. They're always guys.
      Carol: Really?
      Lesley: Yeah, and none of them ever asked me to call them by their first name. Except once at a Christmas party. On the Xerox machine.

    • (Maggie's blowing up at Carol)
      Jason: Honey, don't go off half-cocked here. Let her finish.
      Maggie: Fine! I'll go off half-cocked then!

    • Carol: (asking about her boss) Well, could you tell him I have to see him right away?
      Lesley: It'll take weeks.
      Carol: Well, I can't wait. I'm going to Columbia in two weeks.
      Lesley: Do you think that's wise with that whole drug thing going on down there?

    • Carol: What kind of a guy is Mr. Littlefield?
      Ray: The V.P.? Oh, he's a great guy.
      Carol: Yeah? Well, how do you know him?
      Ray: Last year, we had a major screwup and he came down. He reamed half of us and he fired the other half.
      Carol: So how is he a great guy?
      Ray: I'm still here.

    • Ben: Everything's going to be cool. Gary's older brother is home on leave from the Navy. He's going to be watching us the whole time.
      Maggie: A 19-year-old sailor is not my idea of a chaperone.

    • (Jason has freaked out like Maggie did earlier)
      Maggie: (joyfully) Oh, Jason. You're not reasonable! I love you!
      Jason: Maggie, reason is my cover. Inside, I'm as wacko as you!

    • Maggie: I'm sorry if our expectations are a burden, but you brought that on yourself when you started reading at the age of five.
      Carol: Four and a half.

    • Carol: Why are you being so reasonable?
      Maggie: Well, you can't sleep with your father for 21 years and not catch a little something. (Carol stares) You know what I mean.

    • Carol: Am I interrupting something?
      Maggie: (glances over at Jason beside her in bed) Not tonight.

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